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Ephraim’s Shifting Paradigm by Ken Rank

Good friend and fellow sojourner, Ken Rank of United2Restore, has written a terrific article that sums up a lot of history and the quandary that Christendom is in as they try to reach the Jews.  But maybe, just maybe, we’ve … Continue reading

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Israel Today: “COMMENTARY: Are We Witnessing the Conclusion to Story of the Prodigal Son?”

Another very interesting article just crossed my desk, thank you Mike!! Here is an interesting short article from Israel Today delving into the story of the Prodigal Son and what we are seeing happen today between Jews and Messianic believers…  … Continue reading

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Tales from the Bus. Parenting.

Thursday was an icky day.  No two ways about it! I drove a field trip to Columbia and may as well have been at the helm of a submarine…  so much so that a teacher had to use an umbrella … Continue reading

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Thoughts and update after the Hanoch Young event.

I’ve received a couple emails asking for an update on the Hanoch Young Event we just hosted…  Frankly, I have been meaning to write something, but have been exhausted this week and am still processing the event. In a word, … Continue reading

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