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Passover Movie ~ Well Done.

Excellent movie that pulls a lot of pieces and Scripture together.  Enjoy, and share with friends!

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Passover: Why Christians Should Celebrate it.

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Passover Apologetics…

Someone over in a YouTube comment just gave me a bunch of food for thought!! Zachary Bauer of New2Torah just posted a neat short video on the Greater Exodus.  He quickly and concisely summarizes what I already knew.  Good watch…  … Continue reading

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The Godly Legacy of Passover, Part I

The Godly Legacy of Passover, Part I. I had planned to put together a post or two defending the Christian observance of Passover as not only Biblical, but the practice of the Apostles and First Century Body of believers in … Continue reading

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Tazria and Metzora

Tazria and Metzora. Terrific Shabbat lesson yesterday.  Head over to Davar Chaim’s blog to listen to part or all of the service as we worship and connect Tazria and Metzora to Pesach and Yeshua Meshichenu!

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Awesome video!! “You can’t keep Passover…”

Excellent video.  Hours of sound teaching packed into eleven short minutes!!

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The Pig Who Died For Your Sins

Guest post by Travis W. Hughey ©2014 This subject will be offensive to many but please bear with me and hopefully you can understand what’s being said. In John the 1st chapter we read the account of John the Baptizer … Continue reading

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Taking out the Leaven…

On pondering the Days of Unleavened, it occurred to me that we do not focus enough on removing the leaven of Hollywood* from our lives. Yeshua spoke of leaven as the little sins that affect the whole lump. If we … Continue reading

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