Awesome video!! “You can’t keep Passover…”

Excellent video.  Hours of sound teaching packed into eleven short minutes!!

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Details in 'About' page @ Basically, husband of one, father of four. Pastor x 11 years, former business and military background. Micro-farmer. Messianic believer in Yeshua haMashiach!
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  1. Jack Jackson says:

    Additionally, remember that they too had been in captivity and YHVH did not wait to bring them into the land before He gave them the moedim of Passover; it was the first command of a moedim He gave, even before He taught them Sabbath, He gave them the command for Passover. Even before He set up a Priesthood (Levitical) He gave them the Passover command.

    Doing it, that is placing the blood of the Pasach over their doors, was (and I believe still is) a sign between Him and us that we are His.

    Remember that His “presence” was not yet among them. He lead them by a pillar of fire and a cloud; yet His presence did not come to dwell with them until Leviticus 10:23-24 when they had built the tabernacle and completed the offerings.

    Therefore Pasach did not require Priests; did not require being in the land He would take them to (even the second Passover through the 40th were in the wilderness). They occurred whereever He stopped. In those places He chose to bring them, there they kept it. This is what I believe it means to keep it in a place that I chose to place my name there. Know that place is a place where His name (authority) is placed. Once in the land the set up Shilo, for hundreds of years (i.e not yet Jerusalem). Eventually, Jerusalem was a place He placed His name; and it most certainly is the Place He will return when He comes back; but no one can claim His presence is there like the presence we see in Leviticus 10:23-24.

    So where is He until then? In 2 Corinthians 6:14-7:1 we find an answer.

    Is His name on the true believer? Is not our home His? Where 2 or 3 or more are gathered in His name, is not He among us? So if He is with us, is that a place He places His name (Deut 12:11-14). That verse doesn’t say to “not sacrifice the Pasach” it just says it can’t be just anywhere you choose. Today there is not a working Priesthood or a place that “receives” or offerings is there? If I brought my offering to Jerusalem, they can’t receive it can they? Where? There is no tabernale, no temple, no Levites. When this is set up, like the second Passover, there will be a place again, but for now, and until then we are like those in Egypt that need to again just obey where we are, and await Him leading us home again.

    Some tell me it is too hard to find a lamb of the goats or sheep. It involves too much planning etc etc…… Yet these same people saved money all year to buy presents and save for a tree (even if they traveled long and cut it down themselves) for that winter pagan thing. They spend lots of money and plan each year for Thanksgiving also. Many say it is too hard to “kill” our own meat. That is just an excuse and a symptom of how far we we are from His ways and the “old paths”.

    It’s not too late to seek Craig’s List and find a lamb of the goats or sheep for Passover. You can usually find them listed there or check with your Ag. Extent. Office for any known keeper of sheep or goats. If you have the heart for it, you will make it work.


  2. bornfromabovenotofthisworld says:

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    Great explanation off Passover crammed in a few minutes 🙂


  3. I certainly feel like I am in the land of the pagans and pigs.


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    Hey, Hebrew, notice this one.


  5. I like this. It is encouraging. Last feast of Tabernacles I made a shack with limbs and branches, and jsut sat in it for a while during the feast. It was not much but even the little act of faith yielded much for me.


  6. Hope says:

    I appreciate the searching you do and vetting of all the information you post, not just your own videos and writings but those of others. I pray that God blesses your family, community and ministry 100 fold because you are following the ancient paths. Shalom.


    • Pete Rambo says:

      Thank you so much for that blessing!! My prayer is to be a blessing to all I can as we study, learn and grow together. May we be a light, THE Light of Torah and Messiah to the world!


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