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Torah Portion: Devarim

Ray Gardner’s Study Notes for Torah Portion Devarim are posted.  Enjoy!

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Angel of the Lord Study Guide

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of good conversation with a friend who is fairly new in the Messianic.  He related that he will be teaching Sunday school class for a couple weeks in the near future and I offered that … Continue reading

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‘Signs in the heavens’ continue to dazzle…

A couple weeks ago I blogged about current signs in the heavens and the brilliant testimony to our King!  In the first article, I linked to an excellent article by Dr. Dale Sides about the conjunction of Venus and Jupiter … Continue reading

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Steps Toward Unity (and community…)

Recently, I have been distracted from regular posting by a couple books and a major page I am writing titled How to: Messianic.  (Watch for it…) Anyway, two items of interest have come across my vision in the last hour … Continue reading

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“The Angel who redeemed me….”

Currently, I am juggling three books, two of which are Stephen Spykerman’s Christians and Jews; The Two Faces of Israel and Asher Intrater’s Who Ate Lunch With Abraham?.  Judging from the high ratings on Amazon, I am not the only … Continue reading

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“Must have” Calendar…

Yesterday, my recent order of another ten copies of Christianity Reconsidered, by Warren Bowles, came in from Lion and Lamb Ministries.  I had a surprise in the box seeing as how I forgot that when I placed the order I … Continue reading

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Happy Rosh Chodesh (New Moon)

I had a really short conversation today with someone about Rosh Chodesh (‘ch’ pronounced as a ‘k’ like in Bach), the new moon festival.  Later, I thought it would be a good idea to post a brief overview for the … Continue reading

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A Hebraic-Greek Comparison

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Additions to Torah Portions and A-T Images

I just posted two more of Ray Gardner’s excellent Torah portions on his page.  Also, I just posted another five or six Aleph-Tav Images rounding out the Deuteronomy images I have.  I hope both the portions and the images will … Continue reading

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Selective Scripture Reading…

In the wake of the SCOTUS  ruling on gay marriage an interesting inconsistency in Christian doctrine has been highlighted.  Scripture calls many things an ‘abomination,’ but historically the Church has ignored one while dutifully condemning most others.   Now, homosexuals legitimately … Continue reading

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Louis Farrakhan and I agree!? WOW!!!

Here is a clip of Louis Farrakhan that I can’t find anything I disagree with….  The amazing thing is that Farrakhan is more correct and righteous in this video clip than a majority of professing ‘Christians.’  Even more interesting, this … Continue reading

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The BIG Letdow… er, Announcement

The Temple Institute has made their announcement after a major buildup, and it wasn’t so big….  My warning, concerning the eventual building of an altar, stands but does not apply here. So, here are the details of the announcement: And … Continue reading

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Organic Community

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Whatever you do, do NOT do this….

My good friend and fellow blogger, Peter Vest, has been tracking a cryptic but very intriguing series of announcements from the Temple Institute concerning a “major, ground-breaking, earth-shattering, life-changing, game-changing, announcement…… something that is basically gonna rock the world.“   Apparently, … Continue reading

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Ahab v. Elijah…

Digging in Proverbs 28 some more and I thought this verse interesting…  Then while pondering what image to put with it I saw this pic I took on the top of My. Carmel. Interestingly, the verse fits Ahab and Elijah.  … Continue reading

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