A Hebraic-Greek Comparison


I recently began reading a book called, “Restoring the Early Church”, by Mike & Sue Dowgiewicz. I’ve had it on my bookshelf for over 15 years. As I thumbed through the pages I found lots of highlighting, underlining, and red tabs stuck to pages I deemed “very important”. I came across a page in the introduction titled, “Living Out God’s Word – A Hebraic-Greek Comparison

My husband and I have been discussing this very subject for quite some time. The desire of our heart is to function from a more “Hebraic” mindset, but are challenged in our “Greek” thinking world. For those of us who were not raised with this mindset, it can be difficult to transition from one to the other.

After reading the comparison, what are your thoughts?

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I am a wife and mother. Follower of YHVH. Seeker of truth.
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5 Responses to A Hebraic-Greek Comparison

  1. stevesking says:

    Wow! The comparison seems “spot on” from our experience… We are finding ourselves re-evaluating everything. Thanks for sharing.

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  2. Connie E says:

    Hebraic: Just what we need to show our Love for our Father, our Messiah, and the brethren.
    Greek:This sounds so educational!!!! Right from the cemetery. Oops. I mean the seminary.

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  3. Pete Rambo says:


    I really like this… When I was last at Adat Shalom, one of the ladies made a comment about the Hebraic being for concrete learners and being so ‘hands-on’ for children, where the Greek mindset focuses on the abstract and we literally have to teach abstract thinking to our children.

    If we are all children in Abba’s economy, then we need to always be connected with the concrete (feasts, Shabbat, tzitziot, clean eating, etc…) because that is the way HE designed us to think!!

    Nice handout sheet that further supports some ideas running around my head!


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