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Selective Scripture Reading…

In the wake of the SCOTUS  ruling on gay marriage an interesting inconsistency in Christian doctrine has been highlighted.  Scripture calls many things an ‘abomination,’ but historically the Church has ignored one while dutifully condemning most others.   Now, homosexuals legitimately … Continue reading

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Louis Farrakhan and I agree!? WOW!!!

Here is a clip of Louis Farrakhan that I can’t find anything I disagree with….  The amazing thing is that Farrakhan is more correct and righteous in this video clip than a majority of professing ‘Christians.’  Even more interesting, this … Continue reading

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Why don’t you eat skunk?

Seriously.  Why don’t you eat skunk? Well, because anybody with half of a brain knows that skunk is not food! In the discussion of food, many want to run to Mark 7:19 and errantly declare that ‘Jesus made all foods … Continue reading

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“Bless this food!” Excellent short video!

Excellent short video!  A number of neat thoughts/nuggets!

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