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Steve King’s Double Dog Dare!


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“Must have” Calendar…

Yesterday, my recent order of another ten copies of Christianity Reconsidered, by Warren Bowles, came in from Lion and Lamb Ministries.  I had a surprise in the box seeing as how I forgot that when I placed the order I … Continue reading

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…even the statutes and ordinances…

Malachi 4:4 tells us in the last days the people of YHVH will obey even the statutes and ordinances.   Here, Psalm 119 confirms the connection between salvation (Yeshua) and statutes…. Are you keeping statutes or traditions? http://bible.com/130/psa.119.155.OJB

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What does it mean to be ‘stiffnecked?’

Sometimes, I think the Father places thoughts in my head leading me on particular studies.  I will suddenly think of a term, word or concept and the Spirit will compel me to study it out. One such thought that had … Continue reading

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The VISUAL Psalm 119…

Yesterday’s post with some information about my ‘highlighting habit’ and a few pretty pictures made me think to share Psalm 119 from a different perspective.  Prior to understanding how much YAHWEH values HIS Torah, I found this Psalm to be … Continue reading

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