Blood moons, Paradigm-shifts and Prophesy…

Here are multiple recent items that I have see that I want to share…

First, an email today from the authors of the Lost in Translation Series,

Hi Everyone,Just a glance at the September 2015 calendar should send a few shivers down your spine:

Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
1 2 3 4 5
6 7 8 9 10 11 12
solar eclipse
Solar Eclipse
Feast of Trumpets
15 16 17 18 19
20 21 22 23
Yom Kippur
24 25 26
blood moon
Super Blood Moon
1st Day
2nd Day
3rd Day

Many things are converging and climaxing in 2015 – too many for coincidence to be at play here. YHWH says the moon and the stars are for signs and mo’ed – appointments (Gen. 1:14), and He’s got His fingerprints all over these signs in 2015. In the history of the world there has NEVER BEEN a super blood moon on the Sukkot following a shemitah year (the sabbatical year which occurs every seven years).

What is a super blood moon? A blood moon is a total lunar eclipse. But the blood moon on Sept. 27, 2015 isn’t just any blood moon – it’s a super blood moon.

A super blood moon occurs when the moon is at perigee, closer to the earth than it will be at any other time of the year, making it appear 14% larger than a regular full moon.

And this super blood moon will be centered over Israel on Feast of Trumpets, 2015. Its size and visibility make it an exclamation point as the concluding blood moon of the tetrad we’re experiencing in 2014 and 2015.

These 2014/2105 blood moons and solar eclipses line up with biblical prophecy and are a warning of things to come.
Will I be able to see this super blood moon? Depending on your local weather conditions, the super blood moon should be visible from most of North America – with those in the east having the greatest visibility. You can find your city’s viewing time at
ce0de4175f0461f734bd140c28e30896God’s Chosen Festivals for 2015 explains more about this year’s blood moons, their incredible timing, and their relationship to biblical prophecy.

The festival booklet also conveys everything you need to know to keep God’s appointments in 2015. All the information is here but it’s stream-lined and laid out with one page devoted to each festival, making it easy to use.
Our festival booklet is a tool for getting ready to meet with Him on His appointed days in 2015 and for understanding how these appointments connect with prophecy and with what is happening in the world. God’s Chosen Festivals sells for just $5.95, including shipping, at
His festivals have always been significant in our lives, but never more so than in 2015.

John Klein, Adam Spears
Authors of the Lost in Translation Series

The second item of significance is that last Friday I reblogged an article titled ‘Stop the Press: Mainline Christian Scholars Beginning to Promote the Torah of Moses!!’ that touched a nerve evidenced by the 5300 hits it has had in the last four days.  Small potatoes on some blogs, but this easily surpasses any other article as the single most popular post in the history of this blog…  It is a MUST read if you have not seen it, and it sets the stage for item number three…

In a comment about that article at the original site, friend Zion wrote,

Good information, I can’t tell you how many people I have come across lately, that have started down this journey to a Hebraic understanding… God is doing something amazing and quickly. There was an entire homeschooling group near where I live, and they were going to study the Christian Holidays as they do every year (Christmas, Easter, etc.), and decided for some unknown reason to study the feast of the Lord, after doing so, they all started questioning why these feast are not celebrated and their journey started from there… No Hebraic or Messianic teacher to influence them, just doors opened and blinders removed. I have seen more blinders being removed in these past few years and than in the past 10, its catching on like wildfire.

With that said, the post you wrote is encouraging, it is really great to see an academic teacher, planting these seeds in the next generation of Pastors and Leaders, which ultimately means, it is going to grow even faster.

Side note: I emailed Rabbi Shalom Arush who is the head of Breslev (, I asked what he thought about gentiles who love Israel, love the Jewish people, and feel the draw and desire to keep the Torah while not wanting to convert and become Jewish, who want to remain gentile and yet observe Torah, did he think this was wrong? I expected the usual Orthodox answer, he surprised me, he responded with:

“Baruch Hashem, the more people keeping Torah, the better!”

It is interested to see more and more Jews excited about this development as well, there is a phenomena going on between Jews and Christians. I just heard of a site called, where Jews are teaching Christians Judaism. Breslev has been very welcoming to gentiles keeping the Torah, and there are a few radio host that I have come across with Jews and Christians working together, it is awesome to see it happening.

The VERY exciting point being, Yehovah is doing something AMAZING in our day and we need to be leaning FORWARD in the saddle and moving toward the sound of the guns!  In less military vernacular, we all need to be sharing this newfound truth with everyone we meet and in every way available.  people are open and hungry for truth instead of denominational traditions.  We are living in the days the Prophets longed to see when they looked for the Mashiach!

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