Does this verse still apply?


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2 Responses to Does this verse still apply?

  1. picturetaker says:

    Do any of the temple offerings still apply?


    • Pete Rambo says:

      Shalom and welcome,

      Thank you for your question, it is a good one!!

      Christendom would say all of the sacrifices are done away with, however, Scripture tells a markedly different tale.

      If we peer into the future, Zechariah 14:16-21 clearly tells of a time when, in the millennial kingdom, all nations will come to Jerusalem for the Feast of Booths and will sacrifice, or they will get no rain. Lest we miss the point, Ezekiel 43-44 give details of the sacrifices (specifically the ‘fat and the blood’) overseen by the Prince in the future Temple.

      So, we clearly see there is future sacrifice.

      Why not now?

      Several places in the Torah we are given the answer, but the most specific as it touches your question and my post is Deuteronomy 16. Multiple times in the first 17 verses we are told specifically that the prescribed sacrifices are to be done ‘in the place where the Lord chooses to establish His name.’ In 2 Chronicles 7:16 we see that that place is the Temple in Jerusalem… forever!

      Today, the conditions for the sacrifice are not possible (no Temple, no priesthood) yet future prophecy promises that they will again be at some point, therefore we must conclude, NOT that the sacrifices have been done away with, but that they are suspended until Yehovah again opens that door and desires the pleasing aroma.

      Some find this a very difficult idea, but they’ll have a steak and never think twice about it…

      Here are a couple pieces I wrote concerning this topic a while back. I highly recommend taking the time to read and process:

      I do hope these help clarify and challenge deeper pondering of the sometimes controversial subject. We must study Scripture and shift our paradigm where it might not line up with Scripture.

      May you be guided into all truth!



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