Sacrifices in the Millennial Kingdom?

Excellent thoughts and insights! Sacrifice in the Millennium is a sensitive subject only when we are not willing to sit down and let the Word of Yahweh instruct. As long as we submit ourselves to church doctrines, the ‘traditions of men,’ we will lack wisdom and understanding. I highly recommend this article.


Faith, Grace, and Torah

aaronic priests

By: Ken Rank


Recently the question of sacrifices in the Millennial Kingdom has come up. The question for Christians is, “Why would there be sacrifices if Yehoshua (Jesus) was the final ‘once and for all sacrifice?'” It is troubling for many to reconcile this. In fact, certain anti-missionary groups have used this very topic to destroy the faith of Christians. Thankfully, there are a couple of potential answers that address this issue.


The first deals with gaining understanding in regards to what the sacrificial system was for. We have the idea somewhat built into our religious culture, that the God of the OT (as if He was a different God than the one we now serve) needed the blood of animals in order to be appeased. Meaning, if we offered Him the blood of animals or the smell of their burning flesh that His anger would be…

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