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Sunday School, P.16 Apostle Paul, p.1 Schizophrenic? Misunderstood?

Today, we began a slightly different series at Lexington Baptist Church where I have been guest teaching.  Up to this point we have been examining Yeshua in the Tanakh and considering some of the differences between traditional Christian doctrines and … Continue reading

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The Kosher Animal Rap… Love this!

Friend, Bill Sanford, of Messianic Alef Tav Scriptures, sent this out earlier today prompting a terrific conversation he and I had…  What a blessing, but that is another story. Anyway, we have already enjoyed this rap here a couple times … Continue reading

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Rainbows, Covenants and Sanctification

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Do we nullify the Torah?

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The RAM of God…

I just love, love, love Stu Lowndes’ work. His videos are top notch and make one think!!  Recently, he has released a couple new ones.  Here is one, others can be seen on his YouTube channel.   Enjoy!!  You WILL be … Continue reading

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Not just ‘some,’ or ‘most,’ but ‘every’….

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Terrific App: YouVersion

Recently, a friend introduced me to a Bible App named ‘YouVersion.’ While I prefer My Sword (a lite mobile version of E-Sword), I have to tell you that I see a number of terrific positives for YouVersion and the way … Continue reading

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How to KNOW you love God…

Ever wondered how to KNOW if you or someone around you loves God?  It is actually, very simple. 2 By this we know that we love the children of God, when we love God and [a]observe His commandments. 3 For this is … Continue reading

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Torah Portion Notes are up!! (Shemini, Tazria, Metzorah)

I have just put up Ray Gardner’s study notes for Shemini, Tazria and Metzorah on the Torah Portions page…

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Sunday School, p. 15 Rainbows, Theological Hoops and the Alef Tav…

This Sunday we were back in the swing with a lesson that covered some challenging topics as well as looked at Yeshua’s presence in the Tanakh as the Alef Tav…  Join us for an interesting and challenging lesson.  (Please ignore … Continue reading

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Youtube video series: 10 Paradigm-shifting NT Verses

Several friends and fellow sojourners are teamed up to help me transition some teachings into YouTube videos…  We have limited skills and resources, but we are looking to help place challenging thinking material before Christendom. Here is the first of … Continue reading

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Update from the Farm/Homestead

When we were living in Winnsboro a couple years ago, we had developed the 1.5 acres into a small homestead, but pined for more property to really have a nice size garden and more grazing area for our goats.  Now … Continue reading

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Sunday School, P.14, Tzitziot & Who is the Savior?

Here is Sunday School, part 14 from last week.  We are still working on sync-ing audio and video from week 13 as it was our first attempt at using some equipment to video and audio record the lesson. In this … Continue reading

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Tonight: Pesach 2015 and Third Blood Moon!!!

This is the second Passover in a row with a potentially VERY significant and ominous blood moon in the sky.  As we have discussed before, the planet is in the midst of a Blood Moon Tetrad, a series of four … Continue reading

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New Section: Graphics

Here is the opening pic on the all new Graphics page.  Enjoy, share, etc…  

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