The RAM of God…

I just love, love, love Stu Lowndes’ work. His videos are top notch and make one think!!  Recently, he has released a couple new ones.  Here is one, others can be seen on his YouTube channel.   Enjoy!!  You WILL be blessed and challenged…

About Pete Rambo

Details in 'About' page @ Basically, husband of one, father of four. Pastor x 11 years, former business and military background. Micro-farmer. Messianic believer in Yeshua haMashiach!
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8 Responses to The RAM of God…

  1. Connie E says:

    Thank you.


  2. Glenn says:

    I know “Eyal” means Ram, Buck, Stag, Deer, Chief, Lord, Magnate, and Tycoon, but in no way is it related to “Ets” meaning Tree, nor “Mezuza” meaning doorpost, nor “Amod” meaning Pillar. You may want to recheck your Hebrew in the Scriptures that you make your claims.
    Isn’t it enough of a miracle that YHVH Elohim saves Avraham’s “only begotten” Son in a Crown of Thorns?


    • Pete Rambo says:


      You made me second guess Stu… And, he is exactly right. Here is Brown-Driver-Briggs for H352:

      BDB Definition:
      1) ram
      1a) ram (as food)
      1b) ram (as sacrifice)
      1c) ram (skin dyed red, for tabernacle)
      2) pillar, door post, jambs, pilaster
      3) strong man, leader, chief
      4) mighty tree, terebinth
      Part of Speech: noun masculine
      A Related Word by BDB/Strong’s Number: from the same as H193

      And, if you pull out a Concordance, you will find that the word is in the following ways in addition to many ‘ram’ uses:

      posts, 17
      Eze_40:9-10 (2), Eze_40:14, Eze_40:16, Eze_40:21, Eze_40:24, Eze_40:26, Eze_40:29, Eze_40:31, Eze_40:33-34 (2), Eze_40:36-38 (4), Eze_40:49, Eze_41:1
      rams’, 5
      Exo_25:5, Exo_26:14, Exo_35:7, Exo_36:19, Exo_39:34
      post, 4
      Eze_40:14, Eze_40:16, Eze_40:48, Eze_41:3
      mighty, 2
      Exo_15:15, Eze_17:13
      trees, 2
      Isa_61:3, Eze_31:14
      lintel, 1
      oaks, 1

      I hope that helps you solve the mystery of the Ram of God.



      • Glenn says:

        Thanks for your response Pete. I’m only saying that when I looked up the Scriptures in Hebrew that were listed in the “Ram Of God” video, “Ets” was the Hebrew word used for Tree, “Mezuza” for Doorpost, and “Amod” for Pillar, in those particular Verses.

        Shalom, Glenn


      • Glenn says:

        Shalom again Pete,
        I’ve now had some time to look up the verses in your response and in these new verses I do see the word, “איל”, and some of “Ayil” or “Eyal” representing other words besides “ram”. Toda rabba.
        In my Hebrew Text of the Tanach I still don’t see “איל” mentioned in the original Scriptures given in the video presentation other than in Ezekiel 41:3 where “איל-הפתח”, or “door jamb opening” is in the text, but not as “pillar”, at least in my translations. Thanks for the good video. I enjoy studying the Hebrew language and saw some discrepancies that didn’t make any sense to me. Of course in the Brit Chadassa Scriptures I have no Hebrew to see if Eyal or Ayil or איל is mentioned.

        May יהוה bless you.


      • Pete Rambo says:

        Glenn, shalom.

        This is not my video. Stuff Lowndes has a Youtube channel where he shares some of the beautiful videos demonstrating neat insights into the text.
        Stu’s gifting is to find threads that are hidden and showing beautiful connections between words, concepts, etc. Often very ‘sod.’.
        My take on ‘ayil,’ why would God have the word ‘ram’ also mean, ‘pillar, lentil and doorpost?’. He could have had the word mean ‘wheel, rock and oven.’. The key in looking deeper is to ponder the connection between the word uses, all obvious with regard to the Everlasting Sacrifice. Noe, with that thought, we can thread together some of those verses and understand the ‘ trail of clues’ left in the language that adds depth of meaning to that original sacrifice and Who it represents.
        I recommend following the link above to Slowndes’ youtube channel and see a few more of his videos to gain insight on how he thinks and what he intends for his viewers to ‘see’ when they watch a video. Definitely makes you think deeply.


  3. David Sloss says:

    Shalom, Pete! We live in such an exciting time from a Biblical perspective! YHVH is allowing us to see so many new insights into the Word that one can hardly keep up with the explosion! Stu has a masterful, creative, ability to see into the scriptures in a phenomenal way and then to allow them to communicate in a most unique way! We praise YHVH for his abilities and insights and trust that we take the messages to heart and understand what YHVH has been saying!

    Blessings and shalom,


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