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Isaiah 51…

The last few days I have been stuck in Isaiah 51.  Much, much to ponder in this little chapter. Promises to the sons of Abraham and Sarah.  Promises to Zion.  Promises to the exile, and promises to Jerusalem. Torah, righteousness … Continue reading

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The Gospel I never preached…

I spent more than 10 years in the pulpit and I am realizing I never really preached the Gospel.  Oh, I taught the death, burial and resurrection of the Messiah, but that is not the Gospel.  Surprised? Rom. 10:16 But they … Continue reading

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Meditations from Psalm 27. v.1

We are in the month of Elul, the 6th month in the Hebrew calendar.  Traditionally, this is a month of repentance and deep introspection as we prepare ourselves to stand before the King on Tishri 10, Yom Kippur.  During this … Continue reading

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Who is… The Savior?

The ‘Who is…‘ connections should be getting easier!!  In the last few days we have looked at several, resulting in a series!  Today we want to consider, “Who is…  The Savior?” Christendom would immediately ascribe the title of ‘Savior’ to … Continue reading

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‘Yeshua’ in the Tanak

Since being led on this ‘walk’ into Messianic Torah Obedience, I have been ‘developing’ the Pete translation of Scriptures.  I say that VERY much, tongue-in-cheek, but let me explain what I mean. Early on, I began to find very interesting … Continue reading

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