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Zealous? For what?

Acts 21:20 relates that a mark of the apostolic kahal/ekklesia/congregation was being zealous for the Law. How does the Church today view those ‘zealous for the Law?’. How does God view those ‘zealous for the Law?’ If the Law, the … Continue reading

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Suicidal Christianity on ‘Jesus, Moses and Paul: Christians and Torah’

As a ‘recovering’ pastor, I always find it interesting when I run into other pastors who have come to the same conclusions I have.  I’m not the first and certainly won’t be the last….  Abba is opening eyes left and … Continue reading

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Christendom and the ‘Law-Free Gospel.’ IVPNT: Acts Pt. 1

Yesterday, I posted a piece concerning Christian attitudes regarding Jewish believers who keep God’s Commandments and I evidenced the anti-Torah/antisemitic bias by quoting a number of commentaries.  Leading the evidence was The IVP New Testament Commentary Series volume on the … Continue reading

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Bilateral Ecclesiology. Antisemitism…. In Reverse?

A book I read recently hit a nerve.  Frankly, I didn’t realize it was such a sore spot until that moment. More than a few times in the last couple months, I have run into a theological debate/discussion about ecclesiology.  … Continue reading

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