When a Nation is Born in a Day

Following is a significant update on the recent happening with B’ney Yosef.  This will help bring ‘up to speed’ those who are just joining the conversation about significant events in our day.  Enjoy the article and prayerfully consider joining us in Tampa/St. Pete in early March!!

Many dry bones lie scattered across Tennessee.  Tens of thousands of them found their resting places during the tumultuous years of the American Civil War.  Perhaps it is fitting, therefore, that Tennessee served as the place where the dry bones of the House of Yosef (Joseph) began to come back to life in North America.

This is a prophesied event, of course.  More accurately, it is a prophesied process – the single greatest topic of prophecy in the entire Bible.  Israel, the nation Almighty God established in covenant with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, split into two pieces and died many hundreds of years ago.  Judah, the part of that nation which we know now as the Jewish people, retained knowledge of its identity, and in 1948 returned to life as the State of Israel.  The other part of the nation, however, has never come back to life.

Until now.

The prophets tell us that the tribes who followed the lead of Ephraim in rebellion against King David’s grandson will, like Judah, return to life from the national death sentence pronounced by YHVH for their rebellion.  This will happen in the latter days, (continue at link below)

Source: When a Nation is Born in a Day

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