71 years ago today…

Seventy-one years ago today, a group of people was released from the prison in which they had unjustly been placed.  But, only a remnant walked out.  Most had been incinerated, shot, gassed and other attrocities…  all at the hands of a madman who used Christian doctrine to justify his inhumanity.

January 27, 1945 was the day that the Jews were liberated from the concentration and extermination camps of Auschwitz.  It is a generation on and Christendom has largely not taken responsibility evidenced by the fact that there is little notice of knifings and terror attacks in Israel today.  Why aren’t there more tears?

Following is an article that caught my eye about this day and thoughts from someone in the Land.  In it he refers to an article I wrote some time back as part of a series.  I hope both articles challenge you to consider deeply the roots of antiSemitism in Christianity and what we must do about it.  And, ignoring it is NOT the right answer…

Why We Should All Remember January 27th {with tears}

Many dates stick in people’s memories—February 14th, July 4th, December 25th—but I doubt January 27th is one that stands out in yours.  For most, this date is insignificant. So much so that one website diminishes the importance of the day down to “Chocolate Cake Day”1. The day comes and goes each year with little or no acknowledgement.

But for some, this day is honored and remembered every year.

Seventy-one years ago today, on January 27, 1945, the Nazi concentration camps at Auschwitz were liberated by Soviet Soldiers. This was one of the largest sets of camps freed and one of the final steps in the fall of Nazi Germany.

Today, January 27th is remembered as the International Holocaust Remembrance Day.

Being in Israel, the country restored to the Jewish people just three years after their liberation, makes this date more surreal than ever.

In my first class here, I learned about Israeli history, Jewish beliefs, and the horrific words and actions of “Christians” throughout history towards Jewish people. (Continue…)



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  1. Joanne Fetzer says:

    Here is a powerful piece of work that I came across several months ago. It is very well done and every Christian needs to watch it and weep. Have you seen this before? https://youtu.be/B0iTHHKqFRs


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