Here is a dynamite piece that covers in more depth a subject we have tackled on multiple occasions: The existence of Torah in Genesis and its applicability to ALL mankind, not simply the Jews.

Please read and share this excellent piece.

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  1. Jack Jackson says:

    These discussions are great to have, but it has been my experience that those who have not first come to desire to keep His Torah are not moved by this type of argument. They can quickly find that the rules for Levites are given in Leviticus and since “Levi” did not exist until he was born to Israel, we have a tough sell to suggest that Levitical laws and “corporate sacrifices” were given in Genesis.

    I agree that many aspects of YHVH’s Torah began as He began to teach His ways to Adam, Eve and the first offspring. It seems clear that many aspects we find the first 5 books could have been given from the beginning and restated through Moses, but others are harder.

    So then did YHVH add to His Torah? It appears so to me (Passover, Levitical laws ….). Did He taken away from it or change it? What would we call laws of who one could marry. like not laying with a sister, when it would seem that was Cain, Able and Seth’s only choice?

    Does that mean He broke His Torah? Absolutely not!

    The Torah for instance may have needed additions for who one could marry when “genetics watering down” required that Torah for our benefit.

    This discussion gets a bit sticky, quick, due to this type discussion with those who would say Yeshua came to change it again also for “our good”. Now you know I do not believe this argument, and always therefore use “the future” rather than “the past” to show folks that the Torah is for all. I point them to read Chapters 40 – 48 of Ezekiel as well as Chapter 66 of Isaiah and ask them not to believe me, but just read for themselves what Yeshua is bring back.



  2. Shimshon says:

    I think more attention needs to be paid to the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. To me this is where the first ‘instructions’ came from that dealt with ‘sacrifice’ and such. When they ate the fruit their ‘eyes became open’ and they ‘knew’ good and evil. At this point they needed sacrifices because when you know good and evil you then understand you need a sacrifice. Before then they were innocent, not ‘knowing’ good AND evil. But when they ate of the tree they intimately learned of it. <<< there is the giving of Torah(instructions) regarding good, evil, death, and life, and how we 'should' act out our love for God. To me this was the first place where God gave Torah (instructions) regarding death, life, good and evil. This was the leason that Abraham learned/believed and the origin of commands and laws that were given. This was the proto-Torah given in the garden. However, I still do not believe it means all mankind is commanded to observe the Torah given Moses to Israel. I still think you mixing the bag up. There is an order to things…i.e. to the Jew first then the nations…… There is a 'Godly' reason for this division. Like the reason our eyes are seperated equally, as well as our ears…. We are one body made of different parts that ALL glorify God through Yeshua.

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    • Jack Jackson says:

      That is well stated. Could it be that in eating of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil that when their eyes were opened, their consciousness was activated?

      It would have appeared to Satan that Eve was already coveting the fruit, and seeking to be as God (idolatry) in just the desire to eat what was forbidden, which is also rebellion. Why was it only accounted a sin when Adam also ate and “their eyes were opened”?

      It has been my thought that once they ate, their protection (their innocence in lacking a conscience) was removed. In Romans 2:14-15 we find that “even the gentiles without the Torah, show evidence of the Torah their CONSCIENCE bearing witness…….


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