So…, I’m teaching a Sunday School class!

I just thought some of you would find it very interesting that I am teaching a Sunday school class…  I have to smile inside.

One of the Messianic Fellowships that we attend with some frequency (currently, we are sharing time between our home fellowship and two other fellowships in the area) is led by a couple that is still involved in ministry in a Baptist church in Lexington, SC.  She has led an adult Sunday school class for several years in a study through Genesis and Exodus as well as sharing other basic Torah teaching (feasts, etc).  Well, recently, she asked if I would be willing to come do a series for her class revealing Yeshua in the Tanach.

While Sunday is typically a work day on our little homestead, I jumped at the chance.  I figured I could teach and be a light in the church while still being home to do work by about 11:30!!  How cool!

So, besides sharing my excitement, I thought I could share the first audio from last week.  Frankly, the audio is not great, mostly because it was an after thought.  We were already 15 minutes underway as I introduced myself and gave some background when the gentleman decided to place a small pocket recorder on the podium.  Following is a recording of the last 29 minutes or so of class.  This week he had a much nicer recorder with stereo inputs, etc, so we’ll see if the quality came out better.

In my intro, besides giving background information on myself, my goal was to connect with my audience on our shared focus on the Messiah, but also begin to challenge and reveal some errant paradigms about how we look at Scripture.  In doing so, I want to begin to create some desire or willingness to ask hard questions and search for truth, no matter where it leads.

As soon as I have today’s audio, I will post it.

Please pray that the seeds already planted and the seeds being planted in and through this class will lead to opened eyes and walks of righteousness.  And, pray for me to have wisdom as I teach and proclaim the Messiah’s Torah!


About Pete Rambo

Details in 'About' page @ Basically, husband of one, father of four. Pastor x 11 years, former business and military background. Micro-farmer. Messianic believer in Yeshua haMashiach!
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16 Responses to So…, I’m teaching a Sunday School class!

  1. David says:

    Bravo, Pete! I do the same thing! Strangely some want to castigate us for still doing ministry and service within an ekklesia context. I don’t observe the exclusion in the great commission! Some would want us to neglect those who already share, according to some sources about ⅔ of what we believe, and so why not do as we do, and encourage them to examine the places where their faith is assumption rather than fact and as such allow the Spirit to draw them to Himself! I applaud your efforts and I encourage you not to neglect those with whom you have common ground and the desire to know God more fully – be a shepherd where the institution lacks one who is true!

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    • Pete Rambo says:

      Thank you so much for that note!

      Honestly, for a year after really coming to grips with the Torah and its relevance in the life of a follower of Messiah, I had a HUGE trouble with going into a church. Particularly after my former denomination ‘black-balled’ me.

      Today, I have forgiven them and have really come to a place of loving concern for my brothers in the pews. I feel much like Saul/Paul giving a defense in the synagogues! It is a ball!


      • Sue in NC says:

        My John STILL has a huge problem with being associated with the organized church in any way, though he has no issue with individual Christians. But perhaps that is part of what YHVH is working in him, because I believe that he is specifically called to minister to those who have already ‘come out of her.’ He also has the gift of prophecy, which tends to make him much more of a ‘hard liner’ than the rest of us…. 🙂 I love how Father equips each one of us for his or her specific ministry. The trick on our part is to appreciate the different equipment for the different ministries!!

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  2. Mike says:

    Awesome Will pray that their hearts Are receptive


  3. This is really cool Pete!! A I remember, Jews were the first to hear the gospel of Yahshua message. They were, at the time, the ones teaching “the Word of God” as well although partially correct. One could say history is repeating itself.

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  4. Good for you!
    Many of my big catches have been on the first day of the week, after all we know where the fish are on that day.

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  5. Stephanie says:

    That’s awesome!


  6. Luis Garcia says:

    Hey Pete,
    That is great news! I totally agree with this open door to bring light to those believers at your Sunday School and challenge them with teaching them the Whole Counsel of God! May the Holy Spirit fill you and speak through you as you teach and may Yeshua open eyes and ears to hear!

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  7. James says:

    I know I shouldn’t even ask this question, but I’m curious.

    Given your belief that all of the Torah mitzvot are applied equally to Jews and to Gentile disciples of Yeshua (Jesus), do you plan on imparting that information to your Baptist Sunday School class? Having spent two years in a Baptist church, I know that even suggesting that the mitzvot was still effective upon the Jews is a difficult thing to get across.


    • Pete Rambo says:

      Right now my focus is just to reveal the Messiah in the Tanach. I have already clearly stated that I believe Yeshua stood on Mt Sinai and spoke with Moshe and gave the Torah. See my post ‘Was Jesus on Mt Sinai?’

      Basically, foundation building. The Spirit will do His work in His time.

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  8. Sue in NC says:

    This is a great class, Pete – excellent presentation! You have the gift! Please thank the gentleman for recording the class for us – much appreciated.


  9. Sue in NC says:

    Oh, forgot to mention! So glad that you brought up the Aleph/Tav – We have a copy of the Aleph/Tav scriptures, and it is amazing to see the connections with Y’shua and the Covenant and Torah.


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