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Pre-Sinaitic Torah

Pre-Sinaitic Torah. Here is a good article detailing the existence of Torah before Mt. Sinai.  We have looked at this before, but there are a couple points in here I was not familiar with!  I think the new material, or … Continue reading

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Jubilee, Yom Kippur and Isaiah 61

This week’s Torah Portion, Behar (‘on the Mount’), is primarily about the seventh year Sabbaths and the year of Jubilee.  Leviticus 25 gives us many details of this joyous event of freedom that was commanded to occur every 50 years … Continue reading

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eHow to pray for the (errant) Messianic

Do you have an errant Messianic or Hebrew roots person in your life that you pray for?  Well, here is exactly how you can pray for them!!  I think I can promise you, with full assurance, that God will answer … Continue reading

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“Shalom Aleichem, Yidden” — Peace be upon you, Jews, you are free

A terrific article taking us back to some of the discussion we had about a month ago on the Holocaust and how Christian doctrines and antisemitism not only contributed, but through the writings of Martin Luther, fueled it! May we … Continue reading

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Why don’t you eat skunk?

Seriously.  Why don’t you eat skunk? Well, because anybody with half of a brain knows that skunk is not food! In the discussion of food, many want to run to Mark 7:19 and errantly declare that ‘Jesus made all foods … Continue reading

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And His name shall be called…

Recently, I have been pondering Isaiah 9:6-7, a couple verses often quoted by Christendom about the Messiah.  What has struck me is the seeming incongruity it has with several theological tenets often postulated by those who quote it. Isaiah 9:6 For … Continue reading

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My Take On “That Jew Died For You”

Another terrific article from Ruth. Honestly, as she hits the nail on the head, I think, ‘so many in Christendom talking about our historic antisemitism, but how many are DOING something about it??’ We MUST humble ourselves and come with … Continue reading

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Thoughts and update after the Hanoch Young event.

I’ve received a couple emails asking for an update on the Hanoch Young Event we just hosted…  Frankly, I have been meaning to write something, but have been exhausted this week and am still processing the event. In a word, … Continue reading

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