Total mindbender! My head almost exploded!

Yesterday I included a video by Bill Sanford on the Alef-Tav.  In the video he makes a statement that set fireworks off in my head to the degree that it almost exploded!  I can’t wait for the next person to tell me, ‘But, I’m a New Covenant believer.’  As lovingly as I can, I’ll reply with, “….   (You’ll have to watch the video.  See if you can find the line that set off fireworks! I’ll post the line that did it for me in the comment later today.)


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Details in 'About' page @ Basically, husband of one, father of four. Pastor x 11 years, former business and military background. Micro-farmer. Messianic believer in Yeshua haMashiach!
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9 Responses to Total mindbender! My head almost exploded!

  1. Beautifull. I had a dream some time ago about the corruption of the Word. The dream I called, The word is Corrupted. And in the dream I happened to a pile of debris, it looked like a collapsed building of sorts. Wood and debris in a big pile. And I looked and on the pile there was a big book. And I went and got the book and I wondered what it was. So I picked up the book and carried it to a place where I could set the book and open it. When I opened the book I recognized it as the Scripture but in side the book there were big black hairy worms, like catapillers eating the writing out of the book so that it was illegible and non understandable. The Word is Corrupted.

    So this reason may be why the lie could take foot hold that my local “christian” acquaintainces tell me “the law is done away with and nailed to the cross with Jesus”.


  2. We are commanded to “study to show ourselves approved”, but most just want to take their pastors word and trust their pastor to get them into heaven. Which is a big mistake but that is what many “christians’ are doing. And the truth seems to them strange and unusual beacuse they have been indoctrinated with lies for so many years.


  3. Reblogged this on The King James Version in voice form and commented:
    I would like you to see this because it is actually quite revealing about the presence of the messiah in the Old Testament.


  4. Pete Rambo says:

    As William is setting up the covenant pattern/picture throughout Scripture, he asks, (paraphrasing) “Under the Law of Moses, in the entire Tanakh, did anyone ever enter into covenant with the animal that was being sacrificed?…Absurd!!…” Before he even followed/revealed the implications, I had already gotten there! -The ‘new covenant’ isn’t, and can’t be with Yeshua! Yeshua is the mediating sacrifice, but the covenant is with the Father! Another evidence that the covenant was renewed, not the Torah being ‘done away with.’

    Fantastic insight!


  5. Connie E says:

    Wow! Puts the Truth in a perspective that rectifies the lies. HE changes not!!!!


  6. Do you have more about alef-tav? This is the first thing I’ve seen about the connection between Yeshua and alef-tav. I guess I need more explanation.


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