EVERY Tribe, Tongue, and Nation!! HalleluYAH!

This will bless your socks off!!  Seriously!!

You are seeing prophecy fulfilled!

Please share!!

About Pete Rambo

Details in 'About' page @ natsab.wordpress.com Basically, husband of one, father of four. Pastor x 11 years, former business and military background. Micro-farmer. Messianic believer in Yeshua haMashiach!
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8 Responses to EVERY Tribe, Tongue, and Nation!! HalleluYAH!

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  2. hisloammi says:

    that is so precious! luv!


  3. Teresa says:

    You know Yeshua’s return is near when you see things like this.


  4. Jay&Debra Flushing says:

    The YAHWEH! is great to those who hear his voice. He listens to your praise!!! He is the great
    I am, We lift our hands in praise.. This is a real blessing SHALOM All Jay&Debra


  5. ash says:


    I love Yahweh and His Son Yahushua. Did you know understand means stand under? Did you know register means owned by the Crown. Yahushua says you must be born again to be saved that means you do not have a birthday date in the system. He came to save you from being subjugated to a satanic system.

    I would love to see Israel someday!


  6. ash says:

    Praise Yahushua, believers citizenship is in heaven, not on Earth. Believers are sojourners and strangers who do not have addresses if asked by the police.

    Believe in His Son.


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