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Living in ‘no man’s land’ … but, there is hope!!

Growing up in the Christian church, it was hard for me to understand why a Jew was utterly rejected by his family, friends and culture if he professed Jesus as his Messiah.  Essentially, the Jew who dared to breath the … Continue reading

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Messiah ben David ( Jesus / Yeshua ) and the Torah

Yesterday evening, my wife and I had the special privilege of leading Second Passover Seder for a couple of ladies who are beginning to understand more of God’s Word and had never celebrated any Feast of the Lord.  The Haggadah … Continue reading

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An Explanation to a Jewish Brother [re-blog]

Following begins a good article by friend and brother, Al McCarn.  He and I have been having a very special bridge building experience as we have gotten to know and build friendship with a Jewish brother.  I count it a … Continue reading

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Sunday School, P.9 “Heaven is NOT my home” & “The Good Shepherd”

We had some fun this week breaking paradigms and learning what Yeshua meant when He claimed to be the Good Shepherd.  Listen in and find out where Beulah Land is, or what Scripture actually promises as the final dwelling place … Continue reading

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