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Feminist lies we accept…

In recent months I have been studying the roles of men and women and their relative interaction as defined by Scripture. Maybe I’ll write a post or two on what I have learned, though I suspect the topic will chase … Continue reading

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An open letter of apology to family and friends…

Dear family and friends, I owe you an apology. More than four years ago, I took a sharp sudden turn in faith and practice.  I was a respected seminary trained pastor occupying a pulpit in your community.  As such, I … Continue reading

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Did Israel sanctify pagan altars?

Or, did Yehovah command them to destroy the altars and NOT approach Him as the pagans approached their gods?  Can we take pagan practices and “Christianize” them?  If so, why don’t we use temple prostitutes?  If not, why do we … Continue reading

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An Opportunity for the Kingdom!!

I support this opportunity as a way to love Brother Judah and help grow the Kingdom!! Fundly Donation Link!

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Impress them on your children!

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Love = Loyalty. Do you LOVE Him?

Y’shua said, “If you love Me, you will keep My commandments.” Have you ever stopped to ponder what the word ‘love’ means in this context? Currently, our fellowship (as well as all Messianic and/or Jewish fellowships the world over) is/are … Continue reading

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