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Yom haShoah

We remember.  

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…Mourn with those who mourn.

Romans 12:15 (NIV) “…mourn with those who mourn.” For the last ten years or so, 9/11 has been a day of remembrance and sorrow.  Nationally, we cannot forget that date.  It is forever burned in the memories of any who … Continue reading

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The Auschwitz Escape… A review.

Joel C. Rosenburg, accomplished as an author who has heretofore specialized in fictional political-prophecy thrillers, has turned out another winner, though this time he admits that with much trepidation he dared step onto the hallowed ground of Auschwitz with a … Continue reading

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What I Saw in Auschwitz

Here is an excellent post by friend Al McCarn over at the Barking Fox  detailing one of the topics that has recently been mentioned on this blog.  Good article sharing personal reflections on his visit to Auschwitz. What I Saw … Continue reading

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