Exposing the fallacy of ‘Monogamy is a Creation Ideal’

This week I found a terrific short paper by Tom Shipley that sticks a dagger in the ‘Monogamy is a Creation Ideal’ doctrine. While I, and many others, have demonstrated multiple errors and fallacies with the ‘Creation Ideal’ doctrine, few are so succinct as this salient quote from the above linked two page paper.

2) Secondly, but equally important, the moral and ethical validity of polygyny, multiple wives, is derived immediately and directly from the creation narrative in Genesis. In establishing patriarchy, the headship of the man, the moral and ethical validity of polygyny is thereby also established. Consider
what St. Augustine had to say about this:

For by a secret law of nature, things that stand chief love to be singular; but things that are subject are set under, not only one under one, but…even several under one…For neither has one slave…several masters, in the way that several slaves have one master. Thus we read not that any of the holy women served two or more living husbands; but we read that many females served one husband…for neither is it contrary to the nature of marriage. For several females can conceive from one man: but one female cannot from several men (such is the power of things principal) as many souls are rightly made subject to one God.” —from “A Selected Library of Nicene and Post-Nicene Fathers of the Christian Church,” Ed. by Philip Schaff, Vol. III, pg. 407-408

All hierarchical structures have this one vs. many characteristic. In a corporation, there is one CEO but many subordinates, and all of the sub-departments of the corporation have the same structure…

Creation = Patriarchy = Polygyny

Simply, by definition, patriarchy, a major theme of all of Scripture, demands the option of polygyny, a man having more than one wife. Scripture supports and satisfies this demand with regulatory laws and commands while giving zero condemnation of it or any practitioner thereof. ZERO! Anyone who says otherwise is a liar and a charlatan.


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Details in 'About' page @ natsab.wordpress.com Basically, husband of one, father of four. Pastor x 11 years, former business and military background. Micro-farmer. Messianic believer in Yeshua haMashiach!
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3 Responses to Exposing the fallacy of ‘Monogamy is a Creation Ideal’

  1. Shalom Pete,
    I pray this email finds you and Kelly and the children well and walking with our Lord.
    Ruti and I are up in Flagstaff, AZ (elevation 7,000 ft), and I’m trying to plant a congregation here. The soil is a little rocky…lots of New Age witches and warlocks and wanna-bees, and people that just don’t care, as well as the Indian religion with its spirits and strangle hold upon many Indians, and Christians who are blind and don’t realize they shouldn’t be keeping Sunday, Easter, Xmas and eating bacon, etc. Nothing new under the sun (Eccl. 1:9c).
    I know we had a theological difference, but for the life of me I can’t remember what it was. Do you?
    How is your congregation? Please tell them ‘Hi’ for us. (I was wrong about not being able to drive on Shabat : ( The Lord showed me that about a year and a half ago…boy, did I blow it all those years…but thank you for being gracious to me and holding services in your home.)
    Do you still live in the house where you fed us and put us up?
    Are you still convinced that Torah is the Way to walk out our faith in Yeshua, or have some doubts crept in? If so, if you’ll share them with me I’ll give you my understanding of them.
    Say ‘hi’ to Kelly and your family for us. (If you get this message, let me know!)
    All our love and prayers,
    P.S. Please tell Isaiah that we still have his picture of Jerusalem. It’s in a frame on our wall over my bed.
    P.S.S. As for a Christian man having more than one wife, I think the Lord said it best when He said, “In the Beginning God made them male and female” (Mt. 19:4), not male and female and female and female. So, why did God allow a man to have more than one wife at Sinai? For the same reason that God had to wait until His Son came and cleansed Israel by His Blood so Jew and Gentile could house the Holy Spirit, the Father and the Son. In Yeshua’s Kingdom there is an infinitely higher Standard than at Sinai because Israel didn’t have the Blood of Transformation (cf. 2nd Cor. 3:18) nor did all Israel have the Holy Spirit within. With His Spirit and His Blood we can and must love our enemies, which had its kernel form in Exodus 23:4-5. That’s also why in Yeshua’s Kingdom one must not divorce his Christian wife for any ‘uncleanness’ that he finds in her, however ‘uncleanness’ is defined. “In Yeshua” the husband and wife can and must reconcile, unless the wife apostatizes. The worship of another god severs the relationship that the wife has, first with God, and then with her husband. Divorce is just the formality of recognizing that reality.


    • Pete Rambo says:

      Shalom b’shem Yeshua,

      Thank you for your note and good memory. We are well and most of our young men are out of the house and being lights and ambassadors. We are living in a different house not far from the one you visited and hosting weekly Shabbat for the fellowship we are part of. Yes, we are walking in the Way and obedient to the written commands of our King.

      Regarding your pss comment, I pray you take the time to research where ‘monogamy-only’ comes from, what law it springs from, and what kingdom it benefits… approach that study with the same vigor you researched ‘The Lifting of the Veil.’ You may find some shocking holes in the ‘Christian’ doctrine that has zero foundation in Torah or anywhere else in Scripture.

      Your remarks regarding witches and warlocks had fascinating timing considering I reread a related article yesterday morning that assembles multiple pieces related to your comment. While I advise considerable preliminary research, this article may give you some valuable insight.


      Here is a repository of resources that will give you a place to start your journey: https://natsab.com/biblical-marriage/



      • Glad to hear that Kelly and you are doing well and that most of your children are out of the home and being Light in this world of Darkness. How time flies!

        At the beginning of July I taught for two full days (14 hours) at a prison in Oklahoma (Fri/Shab), and the Lord was very gracious to us. The men appreciated the teachings of The Hebraic Perspective, walking out our faith in Yeshua through all the laws/rules of Moses that apply to us, and the New Testament’s definitions of love and sin, both of which find their answer in Mosaic Law (Mt. 22:35-40; Romans 3:20, respectively), and the four passages in NT Scripture that Christians use to justify eating pig (Mk. 7:19; Acts 10; Rom. 14; 1st Tim. 4:4-5), etc.

        Now the Lord has me writing to churches in the cities of the USA and challenging the pastor on his walking in, and teaching of, illicit SEX, an acronym for Sunday, Easter and Xmas, which also includes the eating of unclean animals and an aversion and contempt for Mosaic Law and God’s holy Days and Ways. I’d have more success selling ice to Eskimos : (

        I’m astonished at their lack of discernment of God’s Word in this important area of lifestyle, which I present rather clearly to them, but they cannot tell the Lie/Deception from God’s Truth. Blind leading the blind, and they’re both in the ditch called Rome. I call them Pharisaic Christians and honorary Catholics. The Pharisees and Popes are proud of them!

        Blessings from Above, Pete!,
        Avram Yehoshua
        The SeedofAbraham.net


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