‘Compromised Clergy’ who love not the truth!

Increasingly, I am finding men of steel who understand the seriousness of the battle in which we are engaged. Men who speak truth to power. Men who call into account those who claim to be shepherding the flock… Here are a couple such men and links to their material.

Tom Shipley, author of Man and Woman in Biblical Law, has a number of additional excellent pieces, one of which is titled The Compromised Clergy. Weighing in at a scant three pages, it is nuclear material for 99.9% of all Bible and Torah teachers exposing their love of position, title, and paycheck. Further, in the same few pages, he says,

For those of you who have not thought through all of the implications of biblical patriarchy, this paradigm of biblical truth has the power to topple the tyranny of modern Secular Humanism over Western civilization, with which Humanism most of contemporary Christianity is compromised. The strength and dominance of modern Secular Humanism in the West is derived, not from its own strength, but from the vitality of its subservient Christian component. And that is why there is so much Satanic resistance to this doctrine.

Tom Shipley in The Compromised Clergy

How refreshing to see in print the very thought that I’ve tried to articulate on this blog over the last year. Build families God’s way, not the world’s or Hellenism influenced Christian tradition’s way, and watch Israel come together and the restoration begin! Without the restoration of Biblical patriarchy, there is no restoration of Israel. Period. And, that restoration must be to the patriarchy instituted in the Garden of Eden, before the Fall.

Another recent connection has been with Fabio Evangelista Hilario in Brazil and the awakening he has had, not just to Biblical marriage, but to the clear-eyed understanding that feminism and the monogamy-only position is worship of Hera, also known as Juno, Astarte, Asherah, Isis, etc.!! In our conversations, he explained that when he figured that out, something I shared with you from JA Farmer’s Does the Bible Condone Polygamy?, that he was suddenly compelled to speak out. Along with another friend or two, he is producing material in Portuguese, the sixth most spoken language in the world.

Yet another solid voice that I ran into a while back but brought again to the fore is Brian Kelson who has a long series of short YouTube teachings revealing one truth after another. Here, assembled in a playlist are all of his teachings over the last decade! Most segments are a manageable 8-15 minutes! His recently refreshed website with a bundle of good information and research can be found here.

And, yet another resource and voice that I just found and have not yet investigated fully, but on first look seems solid.

The point, there are voices crying in the wilderness and the way is being prepared. There is an awakening that, as Tom Shipley says, must be a grassroots effort because most clergy or ‘teachers’ are more concerned with what others will think than they are with what YHVH thinks.

Read, study, learn the truth, then seek the Father for how you are to wield this sword! Don’t count on the ‘teachers.’ They cower in the dust.

The dogs bark, but this caravan is moving on!

About Pete Rambo

Details in 'About' page @ natsab.wordpress.com Basically, husband of one, father of four. Pastor x 11 years, former business and military background. Micro-farmer. Messianic believer in Yeshua haMashiach!
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3 Responses to ‘Compromised Clergy’ who love not the truth!

  1. fabioevangelistahilario says:

    I am very happy to be part of this group, to be able to share things I have learned over a long time of prayer, meditation on the scriptures and historical research, as well as learning from everything that is posted here.

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  2. Paul Winkelman says:

    Shalom Pete…good stuff… glad im aboard that caravan

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