Update: Responding to David Wilber and JK McKee

Friday morning, several of my readers alerted me that I was the subject of David Wilber’s newest ‘Controversy Corner’ video with JK McKee as special guest. Quite honestly, my immediate reaction was a bit of anxiety because I’ve been the ‘subject’ of more than a couple well-meaning Bible teachers and leaders. At the same time, I took a deep breath knowing that I stand on solid ground.

I watched the video (bottom of page) and began taking notes. It wasn’t long before I realized that this will take much more than a post or two to expose and unravel. Quite frankly, the number of errors was stunning. For the sake of TRUTH and intellectual honesty, as well as the honor of my King, I will be responding in detail via videos on my YouTube channel that will be put in a playlist and posted on this blog. Additional material and video from other responders will be posted on 113Restoration.com, a blog dedicated to headship, patriarchy, and the restoration of the Biblical family as the foundation of kol Israel.

Here’s the first installment of responses to Wilber and McKee:

While some may consider this a tempest in a teacup, the fact is, there is almost nothing that is more important to discuss than God’s authority structure, the respective roles of man and woman, as well as what God does and does not say about marriage and family structure. I’m open to discuss and even debate anyone on this topic. (David, I live two counties over from you! Set up a venue, call all your friends, pull out the cameras, and let’s have a live formal debate! I’ll even give you a complete list of all my sources in advance. My only request is a complete copy of the footage upon completion.)

For the benefit of those who watch the video, David refers to several blog posts of mine, but failed to mention the web address or even general blog address. He further forgot to mention that I’ve written a Torah commentary specifically addressing what God has to say regarding Authority, Headship, and Family Structure. I’m sure this was just an oversight in his excitement, so here are the specific links where I addressed him, his writings, and his book (linked in the original article).

For any who are interested in further reading on the topics of headship, patriarchy, and what God says about marriage, I have assembled a resources page with some of my backstory, links to a couple articles I’ve written, as well as abundant external sources from a broad range of authors, theologians, and laymen. I HIGHLY recommend deep digging and really searching out why the Bible calls Abraham, Jacob, Moses, Gideon, David, etc ‘men approved by God’ (Hebrews 11) while the church, her teachers, and her ‘doctrines’ call them ‘sinners,’ ‘pagan influenced,’ ‘misguided,’ etc…

Detailed responses to Wilber and McKee’s charges, false assertions, and incorrect understandings will be forthcoming, but the above resources provide enough homework for you while the popcorn is heating up.

I welcome any comments or respectful discussion, however, I do ask you do some homework before bringing tired, false tropes from Christendom.


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Details in 'About' page @ natsab.wordpress.com Basically, husband of one, father of four. Pastor x 11 years, former business and military background. Micro-farmer. Messianic believer in Yeshua haMashiach!
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3 Responses to Update: Responding to David Wilber and JK McKee

  1. Rick Toole says:

    You are standing on firm ground, Torah teachers will always be attacked by Christian leaders , why I’ll never know ? I have said to ( preachers ) Matthew 7: 21-23 to understand it’s full meaning . Consider your attacks to be a badge of honor for following our GOD’S instruction !

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  2. Jesse ben Yosef says:

    Confession: I watched this video. I was hoping for, perhaps, an explanation, or a defense, as to WHY their understanding of “mutual submission” doesn’t necessitate that the Messiah has to submit to the church.

    I didn’t hear one.

    Instead, what I heard was AN HOUR AND A HALF of content that can be realistically dichotomized into two parts, forming an overall vapid mixture. Half was over-intellectualized, hifalutin gibberish, replete with academic terminology, but void of any real substance. The other half was responding to something that wasn’t the question.

    I don’t mean this rudely to the gentlemen in the video. I would just prefer less fluff and more substance.

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