Heading back to Israel…

The sunset was stunning as we saw hurricane Florence from the Almighty’s perspective. We were not scheduled to fly out until tomorrow, but the deteriorating weather and Abba’s provision carried us out 24 hours early. What a blessing! Miss the storm AND get another day in Israel. Win – win!

Details of our escape are posted at aniyosef.com.

As I looked down on the sunset while it slowly changed through a spectum of vibrant colors, I

could not remember anything more vibrant or vivid in recent memory. I marveled at how our perspective is so altogether different than Yah’s.

We, in the path of the storm, were concerned. And, rightly so. Florence is a fearsome monster. Those being battered along the coast have our prayers and genuine sympathy.

Once above the clouds, there is a complete change of perspective. Beautiful. Serene. Amazing. Even, ordered.

How often our lives can seem chaotic, troubled, difficult, etc. But, I image God’s perspective is much like ours was of the sun gleaming off of the top. He has the whole picture and can order the chaos. He sees control and even peace.

May He grant each of us a longer, higher view of the world around us. May we see with His eyes, His perspective and find peace knowing that He is in control.

About Pete Rambo

Details in 'About' page @ natsab.wordpress.com Basically, husband of one, father of four. Pastor x 11 years, former business and military background. Micro-farmer. Messianic believer in Yeshua haMashiach!
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2 Responses to Heading back to Israel…

  1. Glenn Miller says:

    May Master יהוה Elohim bless y’all throughout this journey. He, Who guards Israel neither slumbers nor sleeps. We’re hoping and plan to do some more hiking on the שביל ישראל Israel National Trail in about a year so we can be in the Land of Milk and Honey and our fathers, brethren and our Elohim during Yom Teruah, Yom Kippur, and Sukkot.

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