My beautiful new handmade Negev tallit!!

The day before Pesach, my new tallit arrived at the door!

Friend and fellow sojourner, Chana, has had this on her ‘to-do’ list for a while, but a broken arm from a fall prevented her from being able to weave while she was mending.  Now, she is back to work and catching up on her several projects in addition to the normal weaving she has creating vintage auto fabrics for restored classic cars.

I have shared some of Chana’s talent before in several posts, but am now the proud recipient of some of her beautiful work.  Following are some pictures and a little more story.  Enjoy!

Chana measured me last year when we dropped in to visit as we passed through Tennessee.  She must have written down a number of details, because when she called me to finalize details for this wonderful custom work, she reminded me of a number of things we discussed.  Most importantly, her great color memory, prepared her to dye her yarn the shades that I requested for a tallit that takes the mind to the Negev.

As you can see from the gallery below, Chana has a special way of packaging.  Literally, opening a package from her is an experience because she is very intentional in what and how she packs.  included with this tallit were two sets of yarn of differing shades from which I could tie the tzitziot.  She also included a wonderful Jonathan Settel CD which she played continuously while weaving the tallit.  (This is something interesting she does with each unique Judaica product she weaves.  She prays and selects music to play during the crafting, then includes the music as a gift with the work.)

Just look at the beautiful craftsmanship!!  Chana is a treasure trove of knowledge on weaving both Judaica and early American fabrics.  Her heart’s desire is to use the 20 or so floor looms that she has and open a teaching studio to pass along her six decades of experience to some of the younger generation in the Messianic.  How much we need to find a way for this precious widow to fulfill her dream and bless our children!!

Currently, due to serious medical bills from her recent accident and recovery, Chana is selling a couple pieces of equipment.  Please pray that she gets what she needs for them so that her needs are met and bills offset.

If you are interested in commissioning her hands for a special tallit or challah cover, please contact me so I can connect you!

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  1. Margaret Young says:

    That is so very beautiful..quite an heirloom !

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  2. redshoooz says:


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