Meet Valerie Bulkunu!! [Updated with photo]

Valerie BulkunuA few days ago I wrote about the unique opportunity we have to help provide a scholarship to Valerie Bulkunu for the Second B’ney Yosef National Congress.  Well, I am excited to introduce her to you so that you know more about this special lady and who she represents!!  Following is a short bio I received a few hours ago.  This is our chance to help fulfill prophecy!!

Valerie Bulkunu

Aboriginal Australian from Elcho Island, Born 3 Nov 1959

Valerie Bulkunu is a member of the Galiwinku community on Elcho Island, which is an Island at the top of Australia (often said to be the spiritual northern gateway into Australia).    The community has a population somewhere between 2,000 and 2,500 and in 2011 almost 50% of the population were under 20 years of age.   The community has struggled with a lot of death over the last 10 years (mainly due to health) and since 2011 there was a period when a funeral was happening each week for 18 months.  It’s a community that has carried much grief.

Valerie’s tribe is the Liya-Gumirrmirr and her family clan is the Gurrawurra .  She belongs to the Dhuwa moiety.

Valerie is married to Amos and they have 4 children and 12 grand children.  She has been a believer since a young girl and she went through the revival in the 1970’s at Galiwinku and became more serious in her faith. Worship dance has been special to Valerie’s heart and she has been instrumental in encouraging the young people/children in worship through dance.  She has been involved in Davidic dancing and in 2007 she participated in bringing a message of Jewish history using dance to schools in Alice Springs. Professionally Valerie has been a teacher at the Galiwinku school for the last 34 years teaching early childhood/Primary.  She is currently on 6 months study leave from her teaching position (enabling her to come to Israel to attend the congress).

Church life is very important to Valerie and she has been bringing the Hebraic roots message to her church since early 2000’s.  She has a strong spiritual connection with Israel through her faith.  The Ruach HaKodesh talks to Valerie through visions and the scriptures and she has been given many prophetic words/pictures from the Lord for her people.

Elcho Island is also part of East Arnhem which is a region of Northern Australia that includes 5 main communities (Galiwinku, Milingimbi, Yirrkala, Gapuwiyak and Ramingining) and numerous small homelands.  Valerie has travelled often to other communities sharing the gospel and the message of Israel and Ezekiel 37.  The Lord has also opened a door for her to be the guest speaker at a regional gathering in Yirrkala in September this year.

This will be Valerie’s first trip to Israel and she hopes to walk in the Jerusalem march and join onto a special tour with Ephraim and Judah ministries (Iris and Janny ministry) leading into the Ephraim congress.

What a wonderful, special opportunity to help bring this lady to Jerusalem for part of Sukkot.  She will participate in the March of the Nations on October 20th, tour parts of the Land, then represent the Aboriginal people at the Second Congress!  I cannot overstate the significance.  She has needs though and her people are trying to raise money for her airfare and lodging, but as you can imagine, it is very expensive.  This is where we come in as a community and help meet a need!

Please consider how you can help.  Talk to your congregation and congregational leaders!!  We need to act quickly to pay for these arrangements in advance of late September.  Make checks out to B’ney Yosef Scholarship and mail to:  B’ney Yosef Scholarship, PO Box 298, Newberry, SC 29108.

May our Father bless this dear sister!

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