Region 35 Conference Update, November 8, 2015

Here is more detail on the upcoming Region 35 Conference.  An important theme Al is incorporating is reconciliation of the growing Hebrew roots movement with Christianity as well as repentance for sins against Judah.  This conference, while very focused on what God is doing in our day regarding the Houses of Israel and Judah, is not excluding those who might see things differently.

Regardless of what part of the country you are from, if you are able to attend, I highly recommend this event.  For those in south central United States, please strongly consider this conference and certainly, we can all be in prayer for Abba to direct and move in this event!


In less than one month the B’Ney Yosef Region 35 Conference will convene in Denton, TX!  Just one month ago this conference was merely an idea thrown out in a conversation at our Feast of Tabernacles celebration.  Now we are one month from the event itself.  Registration is in full swing.  There is still plenty of room, but remember to register and pay by the deadline of November 28 to secure your place in this historic undertaking.  To register please visit our website at:

There is much to share in this update.  First of all, our list of speakers and presenters is now complete.  We will be blessed to hear from:

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