Cave of Makhpelah

Earlier this week I put up a post titled Let the children (NOT!!) come unto Me…. regarding the propensity of some home groups and fellowships to exclude children for various

Not my plat....

Not my plat….

reasons. In the post I mentioned our attitude toward children and out intentional efforts to include them at every level so that we worship and learn as families while inculcating them with thought process, culture and acceptance.

Here is a post from Hebrew Roots Homestead that reminded me of part of our Torah discussion. In an effort to include and help the children understand, I sat in the living room floor with the plat and purchase contract for our home and small homestead property. Without explaining it to the children, I asked them to read it and tell me what it was. It took them a few minutes, but eventually, they excitedly began to identify clues until they figured out they were sitting in the living room of the property described.

We talked about ownership, deeds, markers, purchase price, etc… Then, we read and discussed Genesis 23, finishing with the point that anyone who violates this property by trying to take it away from Isaac, the inheritor of Abraham’s property and promises (Genesis 25:6 & 11), would be standing against Yehovah!

HRH’s notes on the Cave of Makhpelah and UN meddling touches on this very point…

Hebrew Roots Homestead

Yesterday’s Torah portion touched on a very recent current event.  If you recall, I mentioned in a post on October 16th that UNESCO (a division of the United Nations) was considering whether to declare the Western Wall (and other Hebrew sites) to be Muslim.  Indeed, they did part of that.  While they dropped the part about the Western Wall specifically, they did “recognize” Rachel’s Tomb in Bethlehem and the Tomb of the Patriarchs in Hebron as Muslim sites.  This was based on a request brought to them by six Arab nations on behalf of the Palestinians.  The Tomb of the Patriarchs is where Abraham buried Sarah, and where he, Isaac, Jacob, Rebecca and Leah were all eventually buried as well.  The Biblical account of Abraham’s legal purchase of this site is explicitly described in Genesis 23.  Of course, Adonai knew this would happen in our day.  It makes me tremble to think of the…

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