Visual Psalm 19:7-14 (and audio!)

Another ‘visual’ passage from the Psalms.


Psalm 19 11The full passage follows…

Psalm 19b

The Torah is perfect and it ‘renews the mind.’ (Ro. 12:1-2)

The Torah is also sure, right, pure, clean, true, etc.

The Torah is everlasting! Ps. 119:160 among others.

Compared to honey and gold, synonyms elsewhere in Scripture for Torah.

“In keeping them is great reward.”  Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!  Scripture NEVER teaches that you are judged for KEEPING the Torah.  Only that you are judged for NOT keeping it.

Our Rock and Redeemer desires that our mouth and heart dwell on the Torah!  Deu. 6:4-9!!

This Psalm is attributed to King David, ‘a man after God’s own heart.’  Are those who diminish God’s word referred to as ‘men after God’s own heart,’ or are they destined for disaster because they have rejected the Torah? (Jeremiah 6:16-19)

Now, an audio treat…  Sons of Korah singing Psalm 19B

Shalom and blessings!


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4 Responses to Visual Psalm 19:7-14 (and audio!)

  1. There truly is a thick veil over the eyes of many Christians on the Law. It is a demon of lies. I have long term friends who think I am lost and have quit talking to me. They don’t even obey their own “bible”, because if you don’t agree with them they won’t even speak to you. My feet are shaken, the dust removed. Capeeche.


    • Pete Rambo says:

      I do understand, but it is a balance… We have to share in love while maintaining a firm stance.

      I do agree on the spirit of deception. It was ordained by our Father in order to accomplish His purposes, but that is changing in this generation. The fulness of time is here! In the near future, I’ll be writing more on the revealed ‘intent’ of the Father by dividing the House for a season. That season is over and the House is being put back together!


  2. Connie E says:

    Keep it coming, Dear Brother. The blinders must come off, the deafness must go, the hardness of heart must be replaced. Anyone wanting Truth and willing to count the cost will not be denied.


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