Guest post: Analogy of Father and Son with pic

I frequent a Messianic fellowship board that is something of a Facebook for Torah Observant believers in Yeshua.  Besides the fun conversations, there is much sharing of insight and Scriptural truth.  In the wake of a discussion about the Hebraic understanding of the relationship between Yahweh and Yeshua, Thomas Harrington had an interesting picture and commentary.

dbl onion picHe wrote (to Jim Staley):

: Thought you might appreciate the object lesson The Father gave me right after you started the Trinity on Trial series. Tonight I was reminded it of it. I bought what appeared to be a large single organic onion for a chickpea stew I wanted to make. As always, I sliced a bit off the top and bottom before unwrapping the outer skin of the onion, only to find inside that I had two separate and distinct onions in one, a greater and a lesser that were connected at the base or root and had grown against one another, every curve matched where they met in the middle (they were perfectly conformed to one another). I thought, now this is like a man and his wife (are supposed to be), and better yet, like the greater YHVH and lesser YHVH wrapped in The Ruach. Smile

While no analogy is perfect, this is an interesting picture.  They share the same ‘root,’ and have identical ‘essence’ (oniony), and from outward appearance, while wrapped in the outer shin, are exactly ‘echad,’ or ‘united one.’

I won’t press the illustration.  We can just enjoy it, hopefully without getting teary eyed.


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  1. Connie E says:

    I like the one with the egg example too.


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