Excellent passage defending Messianic Torah observance!!

Here is an interesting passage that I already knew was a solid defense for Torah observance by the believer in Yeshua (Jesus), but, while referring to it in today’s Shabbat message, I noticed a couple words that have been there all along!  Funny how we can read verses and not SEE what is actually there.

Before we look at it, I want you to notice, this is a ‘last days’ passage.  Verse two gets quoted with the coming of Yeshua, but most never notice the context is decidedly eschatological…  End times!  Last days!  Has ‘not yet happened!!’

[a]For behold, the day is coming, burning like a furnace; and all the arrogant and every evildoer will be chaff; and the day that is coming will set them ablaze,” says the Lord of hosts, “so that it will leave them neither root nor branch.” “But for you who [b]fear My name, the sun of righteousness will rise with healing in its wings; and you will go forth and skip about like calves from the stall. You will tread down the wicked, for they will be ashes under the soles of your feet on the day [c]which I am preparing,” says the Lord of hosts.

[d]Remember the TORAH of Moses My servant, even the statutes and ordinances which I commanded him in Horeb for all Israel.

“Behold, I am going to send you Elijah the prophet before the coming of the great and terrible day of the Lord. He will [e]restore the hearts of the fathers to their children and the hearts of the children to their fathers, so that I will not come and smite the land with a [f]curse.”  Malachi 4

Did you see that? Verse 4!!  ‘…even the statutes and ordinances.

Christendom tries to redefine what ‘the Law of Moses’ is that we are required to keep.  Tradition ignores the Sabbath, feasts of the Lord and the clean/unclean food laws…

But here, in the last chapter of the last book of the Old Testament (it is not the last book in the Tanak…  maybe Yah has a special message there for our Christian brothers…), is a passage that clearly speaks to a time yet future and it instructs us to “Remember the Torah of Moses, even the statutes and ordinances.”

Our Father’s Word is so simple. Frankly, at times, my seminary education is more of a hindrance than a help.  His instructions are clearly written on every page.  Only theological gymnastics and somersaults can take a simple passage like this and change its meaning!



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24 Responses to Excellent passage defending Messianic Torah observance!!

  1. Connie E says:

    AND I was reading today Passover was Ordinance FOREVER.


  2. Wow! What a great passage! So many quote the last two verses, but leave out verse 4. Yet, they are tied together. Another way to look at those verses: the hearts of the spiritual seed of Abraham (the children of Elohim through Yeshua) shall be turned to the hearts of the fathers (of the faith) – those who kept Torah, whose hearts loved Elohim through obedience to His ordinances, and begin to obey Torah. And the hearts of the fathers (the natural seed of Abraham, those who keep Torah) shall be turned to the hearts of the children when they see their obedience. It will be the beginning of provoking to jealousy, for the Spirit of Elohim who lives in those who sing the song of Moses and of the Lamb, who carry the testimony of Yeshua and obey the Torah, shall shine Truth through them. And the way of the coming of the Lord shall be prepared.


    • Pete Rambo says:

      Excellent! I had definitely seen the heart of the children being turned to the fathers as meaning we fall in love with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob in a whole new way as we learn and walk Torah, but had not seen the hearts of the fathers to the children… as brother Judah coming to Yeshua! Wow! so cool! Thanks!


    • Ron Gibson says:

      Rosemarie; I love how Ya confirms His revelations to me, I have understood verse 4 to mean the reconciling of jew and christian in the last days, and your comment is my first confirmation! praise Ya!


  3. chaya1957 says:

    This also ties in with Matt:24:20. If you ask a person what this Malachi passage refers to, they would likely say it is speaking about the return of Messiah, and yet we are told to, “zachar,” remember the torah. In Matt 24:20 we are told to pray our flight doesn’t occur on Shabbat. Now, if Shabbat has been done away with, why would we need to pray this way?

    I would add one thing. Arguing apologetic, including torah apologetics, is Greek thinking, and is limited in usefulness. Better that people see the beauty of a torah lifestyle; they can taste and see that Adonai is good.


    • Pete Rambo says:

      Welcome, Chaya! I’ve seen you over at James’ Love your input and wisdom.

      I agree and understand your comment on ‘apologetics,’ but I also know my audience… 😉 LOL!

      Thanks for dropping by!


      • chaya1957 says:

        Thanks. I don’t know how much they appreciate my, “input and wisdom.” 🙂 Since you have a reform theological background, do you have any recommendations as to books and works that might be useful? I haven’t read the works of Mark Nanos, but they sound very scholarly and intelligent; something that might be convincing. These people I know do not hold to that awful replacement theology and love Israel. They don’t “get,” torah, but are very gracious and accepting of me and my practices.


      • Pete Rambo says:

        I don’t have any direct recommendations of reformed writers… Personally, I’ve been studying J.K.McKee’s works because they are a scholarly defense of Torah. Maybe a better way to say is a scholarly repairing of the breach. His commentaries are good as well as his overall ‘handbook’/systematic defense in The New Testament Validates Torah… but then, you’ve seen how much I like that one!

        I’m still a babe on this walk.


  4. Zac Helmberger says:

    Funny, I was just reading Romans 14 and was kinda shocked by what I was reading, when I came across your post.

    Romans 14
    “19So then, we must pursue what promotes peace and what builds up one another. 20Do not tear down God’s work because of food. Everything is clean, but it is wrong for a man to cause stumbling by what he eats.”

    So is Paul saying it is OK to eat snakes and eels (in private)?!


    • chaya1957 says:

      Zac, I think you miss the point of the passage. We know that not all animals or other parts of creation are food. The passage was emphasizing how we are not to tear down the work of the Holy One because of food. Haven’t you seen those who tear down the work of the Holy One, whether because of food or something else. We are to build up, not tear down. Haven’t you seen this tearing down yourself?


    • Jason says:

      Considering the parallel passage 1 Cor. 10:18-28, context in Romans 14 likely centered around whether the meat market contained defiled [vs. unclean] meat since some/all of it had passed through pagan temples. Concerned that they could be eating meat sacrificed to idols, some believers chose to eat only vegetables. Food = clean meat, not once-clean (but now rancid/common/defiled by idols) or unclean/never clean (snake).

      In light of the recent Ebola outbreaks, please don’t consume any bat soup even privately. Meat and vegetables are both food. Snake is not food. Check out the following for brief but scholarly treatment of the subject:


  5. preta4 says:

    I’m a gentile who’d LOVE to participate in the Messianic movement including the Feast Days, but don’t know where to get started. Thanks for a wonderful article and important information. Shalom to you all.


    • Pete Rambo says:

      Dear friend, it is very simple…

      First, we must understand that we are only saved by grace through faith in Messiah Yeshua (Jesus). We are not and cannot be saved by works or doing ‘things.’ Most of us ‘get’ that, because it was drilled into our heads in church.

      BECAUSE we are saved, we should want to ‘walk as Yeshua walked’ (1 Jn. 2:3-7). That includes keeping His commandments to the best of our abilities. The feasts are included in that. Lev. 23

      If your specific interest is the feasts, I would recommend two books that have each feast broken down with good ‘how-to’ info and details..

      The Feasts of Adonai

      A Family Guide to the Biblical Holidays

      Both are excellent places to start. Comprehensive. Recipes, traditions, crafts, etc.

      Keeping the Feasts is where we started more than three years ago and it has been an incredibly blessed ride of deeper understanding, meaningful experience and peace.

      Take the whole transition at YOUR pace. Pray and ask our Father what/how HE wants you to proceed.
      Check out our ‘Resources’ page for a number of quality places to get a variety of teaching that is from a Messianic understanding. I would start with Teshuva Ministries and The Lost Sheep. Awesome video that give a wonderful overview of Scripture.

      Shalom, and if I can be of any assistance, please drop me an email.


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