More on the Two Witnesses…

Read the Elijah series to understand more on who the Two Witnesses are…

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Details in 'About' page @ Basically, husband of one, father of four. Pastor x 11 years, former business and military background. Micro-farmer. Messianic believer in Yeshua haMashiach!
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  1. johnEboy says:

    Pete, how does God describe the New Covenant? “And this is the New Covenant, I will put my Laws/Torah into their minds and write them upon their hearts, . . . and I will take away their heart of stone and give them a heart of flesh, and I will put my Spirit Ruach ha-Koesh within them to move them to keep my Laws/Torah and statutes” Jeremiah 31:33 and Ezekiel 36:26

    And who is he entering into with this New Covenant? This is the New Covenant that I will enter into with the House/Nation of Israel and the House/Nation of Judah”. Doesn’t mention Gentiles here at all, and look at the 144,000 of Rev 7 . There is no Tribe here called “the Gentiles” They are all of the House of Yacob. So none of todays 70 million “Gentile” Christians (plus another 2 billion nominal Christians) are among the 144,000 unless they graft into one of these 12 tribes.

    How does God define Sin in the NT and New Covenant? Sin is transgressing against, or breaking Gods Law or Torah. 1John 3:4

    So why hasn’t God been blessing, healing, prospering, protecting, healing and really using all of todays followers of “Jesus”? Simply because “Sin separates us from God”, and all we 700 million supposedly Born Again and supposedly Spirit-filled Christians have been sinning these past 10-20-30-40-50 plus years, so why should he find us worthy of blessing, healing or using?

    Maybe when we no longer follow Je-zeus (see my post on Jesus/Iisous is a false Christ), turn to Yeshua and confess our sin and commit our lives to Him, and renounce Je-zeus, and then stop sinning by letting the Holy Spirit lead us into all truth, that he wants us to let them put their Law into our minds and write them upon our hearts, and then let them move us to keep/observe these Laws/Torah and statutes, then we will be found worthy of being chosen to be healed, blessed, protected, delivered and used.

    Pete, from a Jewish standpoint, if true Christianity is presented to Jews more like this, how would they react? ie. admit that modern Christianity(since 300AD) is a false religion, but the NT Bible record is true, except for where the lying pens of the scribes have replaced Yeshua with Jesus/Je-zeus //Iisous and interpreted Pauls writings into doing away with the Law/Torah.

    Modern Christians are under the curse of the Law, as in under the curses of the Law as per Deuteronomy ch28 which lists the curses or symptoms of disobedience. We Christians only exhibit a few of the blessings and largely because we live in prosperous Western Countries with big lines of credit and supported by Govt spending that gives us health-care, housing and education etc. They are general blessings, but generally we Christians, even we western ones, exhibit far more of the symptoms of disobedience, and to a greater degree on a scale of 1-10, than we do of individual blessings.

    Scripture says that “The Sons of God aren’t under the Law.” But it also says that “The Sons of God are those who are led by the Spirit of God” thus meaning those who God considers his sons, aren’t under the curses of the Law simply because they are being moved by the Holy Spirit to keep/observe Gods Laws and statutes. i.e. they aren’t sinning, so aren’t under the curses of the Law. We all need to look into the perfect mirror of the Law, Deut ch28 to see ourselves as God sees us.

    And if Jesus is je-zeus, a false Christ and he has deceived the whole world as Scriptures warn us will happen, then we need to renounce him and shift our allegiance to Yeshua quickly and be baptised in Yeshua’s name.
    The Holy Sprit wasn’t given to give us gifts, fruit, ministries and power, but to lead us into all truth, namely that the Law is valid and he wants us to put it into our minds, write it upon our hearts and then move us to keep these Laws and statutes. We Christians all prided ourselves on being “led by the Spirit” but were never “moved” by the Spirit to keep Gods Laws and statutes.

    We all had false conversions, every single one of us. We believed a lie and were then condemned to live a lie. We believed the lie about Jesus, and he never set us free, for only Yeshua can set us free and forgive our Sins.
    But more importantly we believed the lie that our Church VIP’s had been found worthy of being chosen, so were safe to imitate, safe to conform to, and thus safe to look to for what to believe, and safe to look to for what to be do, say, pray and hopefully also have what they appeared to have, having been found worthy of being chosen.

    But then we had to live a lie and ONLY believe what they said to believe, or else we’d lose their very conditional love, acceptance, approval and reward of recognition. Similarly we had to be seen to BE and DO ONLY what they said to be and do, and only say and pray what they said to say and pray, or else we’d be judged somewhat harshly and sent packing.
    Thus we wore masks of chronic niceness to Church, sang our 3 happy clappy songs, 3 slow songs ad looked around and imitated all the other pretenders in praise and worship, but could never get into Gods presence, cos if Yeshua is the door, and no man can get to the Father but by him, how can we get to God by Je-zeus?

    All 700 million of we Evangelical, Pentecostal and Charismatic (EPC) Christians believed a lie and were all then condemned to have lived a lie these past 20-30-40 plus years.


    • Pete Rambo says:



      I addressed some of these items in your comment on Jesus. False Messiah. As I mentioned, I agree with much of what you have written though it is not like this wasn’t prophesied. Multiple times.

      Now we are at the point that Yeshua is being revealed as the very Jewish Messiah that He has always been, even if the ‘church’ sought to strip him of His identity. (Which gives me an interesting thought… Hmmm) Most were not knowingly participants. Heaven help those who were/are/continue to be.

      Yeshua is calling His own sheep and the lines of demarcation are being drawn… We must rescue the perishing with a firm hand and steady voice. We extend truth in grace and love!


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