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119 Ministries has LOST. THEIR. MIND!!

For some time, 119 Ministries, has been sliding toward compromising positions with their Downy soft approach to some tough Biblical stances. More than once, I have addressed them, both privately and publicly. This is the latter! Like David Wilber, a … Continue reading

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Three challenging videos…

The 113Restoration.com blog has launched a YouTube channel. Here are three thought provoking offers from this week. Like, share, subscribe!

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Androgynism: A Root Problem in Christendom, Judaism, and the Hebrew Roots…

Without question, the world around us is burning and all of us are looking for, longing for, the Kingdom. We may each understand it a little differently, but all of us look for a Messianic Age or Millennial Kingdom. That … Continue reading

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Humor from 113Restoration.com

Makes me laugh every time I read it…

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Torah Portion Series, 03 Lech Lecha

Our Torah Portion Series focusing on the specific topics of headship, patriarchy and family structure continues with Lech Lecha, Genesis 12:1-17-27. A special ‘thank you’ to Jeremy and Robin for their insight, edits and input. Lech Lecha.doc Lech Lecha.odt Lech … Continue reading

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