Warriors Needed in Epic Battle

EVERY man has, deep within himself, a desire to be a warrior, to accomplish great things, take epic journeys, and leave a mark on the world around him. Movies and music attest to this. From Westerns and epic fantasy trilogies to fighters and soldiers who, against all odds, face and defeat an imposing enemy. It is innate. Boys have this passion from the cradle, though most will have the fire smothered to a mere ember before their teen years.

Many men, even most, will feel the tug in the dark of night and medicate the need with video games or altering substances while a few will turn that inner drive into the pursuit of fame, business or money… things that turn to sand.

The truly rare man will find the path to the most epic journey of all time, but the trail, at least initially, will not look like what he was expecting.

One of the greatest challenges facing the men in the Torah community is recognizing how very epic and awesome the journey is that stands before us. Because of that great lack, we are struggling to inculcate our sons with a warrior ethos and a vision for life and future.

It is tough to compete with Hollywood and epic video games designed to stoke feelings of conquering while leaving the viewer with empty hands and nothing to show for the wasted time. Yet, that is exactly what we have to do. We must compete, and we must prevail. Here’s how:

Become absolutely convinced of the journey yourself. Do you really, really understand what the restoration of the Kingdom means to you and your family? Do you understand that the prophets longed to see our day? Have you pondered that we have the awesome responsibility of being THAT generation? Do you realize we carry the hopes and dreams of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob? Do you realize that Isaiah and Jeremiah spoke of us and were willing to die knowing that one day what they spoke would come to fruition? Can you feel Zechariah, Joel, Amos, and Hosea looking on from that great cloud of witnesses?

Read and internalize the prophecies, particularly those written to the House of Israel. Read Jeremiah 30 and 31 very slowly. Seek insight and understanding. Read Isaiah 11 and Ezekiel 37. Understand, this is NOT head knowledge. This is YOUR story! We are on the cusp of the greatest faith walk in the history of the world! And, we are on the cusp of being in the center of the greatest battles in human history, maybe not wielding swords, but certainly operating as Gideons, Davids, Joshuas, and Samsons!

Teach your sons their story! Our sons must know the history we’ve had and the VICTORY that is coming. Do not let them hear so much of the current state that they lose focus on the nation we will rebuild as foretold by the prophets. Help them understand how glorious is the struggle to prepare and to walk this out in the face of the adversary and his minions. Remind them continually that victory is assured to the faithful. Our team wins! Messiah WILL sit on the throne of His father David and He will rule the earth culminating in the New Heaven and the New Earth. Individually and corporately we win!! (Spoiler alert… 😉 )

Constantly paint the BIG picture.

We need the men to step up and take hold of the restoration of kol Israel. Fall in full submission before the King and seek HIS ways and HIS Kingdom. Cease building your own. Cease being beta males pushed about by the very fake western cultural idea of a Messiah with a weak wrist and softer voice.


Take a hard stand for Torah. Man up and learn your responsibilities in your home! Get a spine! Quit following and start leading! Band together and quit being lone wolves! Kick the manmade doctrines and those who teach them to the curb! Shun ‘Torah teachers’ that deal in falsehoods and false doctrines. Care for the widow and the orphan. Decouple from Babylon!


May Yah bless and guide you.

Connect with me at https://www.thetorahnetwork.com/PeteRambo

Also, consider joining your state or country group and the Clans to Tribes group… Others groups like Economic Development and Men of Valor…


About Pete Rambo

Details in 'About' page @ natsab.wordpress.com Basically, husband of one, father of four. Pastor x 11 years, former business and military background. Micro-farmer. Messianic believer in Yeshua haMashiach!
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1 Response to Warriors Needed in Epic Battle

  1. Shaul says:

    Shalom Pete…I love it, just love it…..I’m praying to be like a Caleb ….Yah restore to me my youth like the eagle….I kno this is a spiritual battle but it certainly plays itself out in the physical …

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