Two-House Theology and Unpleasant Truth

Cognitive dissonance is the strange discomfort of having two or more thought patterns that clash and cannot coexist. Messianic and Hebrew roots believers, and especially most Hebrew roots teachers, have a few blatant areas of cognitive dissonance that they try to ‘explain away’, however closer inspection reveals foundational cracks in their theology if the dissonance continues.

Common to the majority of Hebrew roots believers and teachers is an understanding from Scripture, usually called ‘Two-House Theology,’ that God in His wisdom divided Israel into two parts, the house of Israel and the house of Judah. Those two parts had/have differing paths to the common destiny of restoration of kol (all) Israel. Multiple books and many teachings have been done explaining this very clear sequence from Biblical history, secular history, and the unfulfilled prophecies. Ten Parts in the King is one such example.

Messianic Torah teachers and Hebrew roots believers alike, can easily trace the genesis of the division of Israel to Rachel and Leah. They can demonstrate from Jeremiah 3, with deft ability, that the house of Israel was divorced while the house of Judah was not. They can point the listener to Matthew 15:24 and Romans 7:1-3 to explain the need for Yeshua and His death/burial/resurrection for the redemption of the house of Israel. The same believers know that the new covenant is with the house of Israel and the house of Judah.

They understand and can articulate ‘Two-House Theology.’

The self-same believers and Torah teachers are quick, very quick, to speak disparagingly of Jacob’s plural marriage, in spite of the fact that God never does. They go to great lengths to denigrate the patriarch and his four wives when God is credited with blessing Jacob by them. The teachers teach against the clear message of Scripture regarding a man and his marriage(s) by teaching ‘monogamy’only’ as a Biblical position when Scripture never does. Some dare go so far as to teach that polygyny is sin, when God refers to Himself as having two brides in at least three places in Scripture.

Teaching ‘Two-House Theology’ while denigrating polygyny, the very means by which God creates and then Shepherds the tribal nation of kol Israel, must cause incredible dissonance in the heads of both teacher and hearer. Trying to explain the envy and jealousy that divide Judah and Ephraim (Isaiah 11:11-16) must be terribly difficult while avoiding the subject of polygyny or that the entire context is a plural marriage that is unsubmitted to the Head!!

I can cite multiple teachers and the great fallacious hoops they’ll leap through to either dodge the topic of polygyny, or get it so radically wrong that they invite Yah Himself to leave their fellowship! Recently, I watched a teaching by Bill Cloud to his congregation on Torah portion Ki Tetze and was very disturbed at his use of logical fallacies including guilt by association, equivocation, and falsehood to try to make a non-existent case for monogamy-only.

He begins the Torah portion at 1:18:00 and dives into Deuteronomy 21:15-17 at 1:23:00. While he uses fallacies and supposed humor (from the late Brad Scott), it is his statement that anyone who believes in or accepts that plural marriage as viable ‘is not welcome here’ that most shocks the senses. (1:29:00) I have to wonder if God left the room at that moment. Certainly, if David or Jacob had been visiting they would have left while shedding tears.

I’ve previously addressed every fallacy Cloud puts forth, so no need to rehash those. If he wants to see how easily his position is disassembled and how utterly false his mono-only position is, he should read the following:

Refuting 119Ministries’ Polygyny Video

Dear Ephraim Frank (Re: It’s Polygamy, It’s Polygyny)

There are also dozens of articles, books, videos, etc on our Biblical Marriage page.

Elsewhere on this blog I have refuted Brad Scott, JK McKee, and various others for their fallacious and sometimes scandalous statements against Biblical polygyny. How these men, alleged teachers of distinction, can hold a Two House position while castigating polygyny is utterly incomprehensible. Either, they knowingly teach falsehood to tickle ears, or they have not thought either Two House Theology or Biblical marraige all the way through.

[Admittedly, McKee is no longer a Two Houser, but the fact that he resorts to arguments from emotion against polygyny demonstrates that even his bright mind can’t make a solid case for mono-only from Scripture. The simple fact is, there is NONE!]

Therefore, if someone believes in Two House Theology, but not polygyny, they have a high level of cognitive dissonance to overcome. This is an unpleasant truth!

To the Torah teachers who read this: Isn’t it time to accept God’s Word as written instead of making excuses for it or resorting to logical fallacies to promote a false position? Do you really read the Psalms of David and sing the praises of Jacob while condemning them? Are you more concerned with your own reputation than the truth of God’s Word? Do you care so little for divorcees and single ladies in your fellowships that you condemn them to singlehood due to the dearth of Godly Torahkeeping men available because of your monogamy-only nonsense? WAKE up!! Repent! Grow a pair. Get a spine!

I’ll not belabor the point, but if you listen to these and other teachers who teach Two-House while denigrating polygyny, you may need to reevaluate whether they are rightly dividing the Word and whether or not you should be following or supporting them.

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Details in 'About' page @ Basically, husband of one, father of four. Pastor x 11 years, former business and military background. Micro-farmer. Messianic believer in Yeshua haMashiach!
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7 Responses to Two-House Theology and Unpleasant Truth

  1. Brian Somers says:

    You know, in vaY’Chi, Jacob was matter of fact in talking about his two wives. First, he told Joseph that he buried with sorrow Rachel on the road to Ephrath (Gen. 48:7). Then he told all of his sons that he wanted to be buried with Leah (Gen. 49:29-32) in the cave at Machpelah. There was no hint that he had done anything wrong in marrying Leah and Rachel and taking their maidservants.

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  2. Shaul says:

    I always thought the same way Bill Cloud and many other teacher thought ..but after getting immersed in the Scriptures instead of everybodys teachings I began to see things I never heard taught on before ..i know how they feel, I felt the same way… multiple anti present culture, which I hate, and we see the looking at our society…what a putrid mess…i yearn for the ancient paths and the way of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and their culture and Elohim….our religious leaders and Shepards bare a lot of the responsibility for this mess…with all that is said through out scripture about this subject the clincher was 2 Sam 12…Shalom

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  3. Well Pete, despite following your blog for several years, this is where we part ways.

    There are good Biblical reasons why modern Jews and Christians don’t have multiple wives. I’ve seen others go down this plural marriage road; it only ends in broken marriages and hurt families. Just ask Moshe K.’s first wife.

    Are you repeating those mistakes? Are you adding to fuel to the growing fire of serious Hebrew Roots errors? If so, I’m out.


    • Pete Rambo says:

      Judah, thank you for your honest comment.

      I have read JK on the matter defore and disappointingly, his most recent address of the subject does not refect his normal scholastic approach. He relies on poor hermeneutics, improper scholarship, tradition, fallacies, and emotion to make his case. I could easily disassemble, but have already addressed most of his errors in other works hosted on our Biblical Marriage page.

      Simply, there is NO command against polygyny, NO command FOR monogamy-ONLY, and multiple commands regulating…. marriage, in its several forms.

      A second, major error that JK commits is his egalitarian position, entirely absent from Scripture. That foundational error starts him in the wrong place for the whole discussion.

      Until someone can make a sound case for monogamy-only from Scripture alone without violating hermeneutics or using logical fallacies, I’ll stand right here.

      The fact is, that argument doesn’t exist because the verses don’t say what ‘traditional marriage’ advocates want them to say.

      I bless you brother. Shalom.


  4. Yesenia says:

    Jacob only wanted 1 Bride. He was tricked into marrying the older sister 😕


    • Pete Rambo says:

      Was he tricked into Bilhah and Zilpah, too? Regardless of how he wound up with Leah and Rachel, it was clearly God’s will…else He would have opened Rachel’s womb first instead of last.

      The simple fact is, Godcausec it to happen then used the life of Jacob and his ladies as prophecy for kol Israel.

      It is undeniable.



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