Democracy v. Tribalism (Greco-Romanism v. kol Israel)

Restored kol Israel will most definitely not be a democratic governmental structure, nor will it be a republic or communist governed society. Further, it will not be a monarchy as any of us currently understand it. In fact, none of currently living humanity has ever lived under a structure that we will experience in restored Israel, however very few have ever considered this fact. The following truths also explain why so many organizations that seek to restore the family have failed.

All man-made government system, such as those previously mentioned, are ‘top-down’ models. They all impose order from a higher order that may or may not claim Divine authority, however none employ the God ordained authority structure evident in the Torah and Scripture as a whole.

The Torah is a revelation of God’s character, His Divine authority, His righteousness, and His plan for personal and national function. it is instructive to note that nowhere is there a national governing body or structure. We errantly assume that some sort of structure must exist and only interpret the Torah as a moral code. Yet, it is actually a national constitution for kol Israel.

Because we have all been inculcated with various forms of ‘top-down’ government, we find it difficult to see that Israel was never meant to have an over arching government that could/would violate the rights and authority of the patriarch of the home for the ‘good of the nation.’ Solomon was a great example of HUGE abuses of power as the expense of the average man.

In Authority, Headship, and Family Structure, I explored briefly the national structure of kol Israel, however as I ponder this further, it is apparent to me that we really cannot be formed properly as a people until we truly understand and implement God’s authority structure… God => Messiah => man => woman, per 1 Corinthians 11:3. In fact, Paul is simply coalescing the entire Torah defined structure into a single sentence.

Nowhere in that structure do we see a national government. There is a very thin oversight within the ‘man’ category because elders could settle matters at times between two or more men. This did not create or interject a permanent authority structure such as a governing body.

Both Christendom and Judaism often assume the Levites filled this role, but such is not the case. In fact, the Levites taught the Torah and could act as legal counsel for parties in a dispute, but the decisions and rulings in a local community were by the respects heads of that community. If items were elevated to a ‘higher court,’ it was still handled by members of the family because the elders would be clan or tribal leaders.

Unlike elected or appointed government workers and politicians, the elders were physical heads of families that had grow up in the family or community that they led from the gates. It was their own families they were guarding and leading. They had skin in the game, quite unlike the politicians and federal agencies we see in most governmental systems. This is one central strength of tribalism and why God chose this model for His people. Top-down quickly emasculates local leadership. Man becomes fodder instead of head and king of his home.

As I have quoted numerous times, Aristotle said that ‘monogamy is the foundation of the polis.’ Loyalty to state is what the Greco-Roman inspired systems require. The same can be said of Marxism and even monarchies. To do so, power and authority must be removed from the individual head of house. God’s authority structure is polar opposite: THE authority in the family is the man, and he is to walk in righteousness as defined by Torah.

Restoring kol Israel demands that we get the authority structure correct in the home and then build from that God ordained base.

As a people who desire restoration, we must disengage ourselves from a reliance on or expectation of government in the Greco-Roman sense. We must begin to learn and grow in understanding and application of patriarchal principles and God’s authority structure. Further, we must begin to think and act tribally. That begins with a family vision, seeing fellowships as clans, and begin to function as aliens in a foreign land.

A final note: Some will rightly say, ‘But, won’t Israel be a theocracy with Messiah on the throne?’ YES!! And, He won’t violate the Torah or operate differently than the model we see with headship in the home, the role of man and woman, and the elders in the gates.

My major point is: we must begin to view ourselves tribally. That only truly begins when we understand God’s authority structure and implement it in our homes and families.

More thoughts coming… discuss!

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Details in 'About' page @ Basically, husband of one, father of four. Pastor x 11 years, former business and military background. Micro-farmer. Messianic believer in Yeshua haMashiach!
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4 Responses to Democracy v. Tribalism (Greco-Romanism v. kol Israel)

  1. Shaul says:

    Well said Pete…can’t wait to start the new Torah cycle using your book on Patriarchy

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  2. Shaul says:

    Ya, same here……also listened to Jeremies you tube teaching and thought it was very good (other than the driving aspect)…was in Nehemiah at the same time and came across 8:13….thought it very fitting, especially because it was during the festival of Sukkot…don’t know how to comment on the you tube site or I would tell Jeremy

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