Torah Portion: Matot & Massei (Numbers 30:1-36:13)

Another double portion with a HUGE offer for the first. Multiple glaring items dealing with headship, patriarchy, and the role of the man as covering as well as a section on the difficult topic of divorcees and widows. There is MUCH to think about n this double portion!

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3 Responses to Torah Portion: Matot & Massei (Numbers 30:1-36:13)

  1. margaret young says:

    Thankyou for this huge study and paradigm shift…has ‘nt life just been all about this ever since we came into the full truth of the word…This is a big one though !…I know that it’s been several years since you first wrote about Polygamy..and Yahwey having two brides…I remember at the time that having been trying to understand the difference between Judah and Israel , in that Judah never was divorced, that your study made a lot of sense .I commented on it and was promptly warned by another believer that you were teaching polygamy and in her view this was totally wrong…I’m not so sure…but would recognise that having come so far away from Yahs Torah , and being damaged by our society my views are coloured by this…..So I have a couple of questions which I’m sure you will have already been asked …Moses….can we be sure he had two wives at the same time ?…..and Paul did say better for a widow to remain unmarried ….we ve had a few cases of men in the messianic movement who have taken multiple wives , it hasn’t gone down well…one in particular here in Bournemouth .known to me was a womaniser and damaged a close friend of mine …ruined her really , took her money , left her destitute ….so forgive my suspicions ….I am wondering if you and your wife have gone on to take another woman into your household yet?…..or if any of your close friends have done so and if it’s working ? ……..I wonder if as Redeemed israel Yeshua is the only covering that we all need ? …also I am struggling to see how we can so radically change from within our society now ? Could you really support more wives and subsequent children ?….but now today as we see major changes taking place in our world ….maybe we shall have no choice ..we shall have to come out of society …not depend on the system any longer , but go back to root values from Torah ….and Yahweys system ……don’t know if I’m making any sense …it’s coming from a desire to know the truth …..I hope that comes across….every blessing ..Margaret

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    • Pete Rambo says:


      Thank you so much for your response and valid concerns.

      We can’t be SURE Moshe had two wives, however, Numbers 12 is within a couple months of Yitro returning Zipporah. Statistically, the probability is very high, contrary to the insistence of a false monogamy-ONLY paradigm in most of Christendom and Judaism. Even then, we have to explain Hohab (or, Hobab) the Kenite father in law in Judges 1 & 4… Was Yitro Kenite, and Midianite, AND Cushite?

      What we do know is that there are multiple righteous examples in Abraham, Jacob, Caleb, Gideon, David, etc… see Hebrews 11.

      Paul adheres to Torah and is very patriarchal in all of his teaching and marriage instruction. While at one point he does recommend ‘being as I am’ he is saying so in the context of imminent persecution. I think his expectation was a Kingdom at hand. 2000 years later, we can be glad women continued to marry. 1 Tim. 5 gives good parameters that interestingly include polygyny as a solution. I wrote a paper on that.

      Undeniably, there are unrighteous men (and women) that have blown up both monogamous and polygynous families. Sin is sin. The family structure is irrelevant. Polygyny simply exposes the heart more deeply and quickly than mono. See my recent post, Why Poly? Why Now?

      Yeshua, will ajudicate Torah. Torah is patriarchal and strongly functions along God’s ordained authority structure. He will enact Levirate marriage, law of jealous husband, laws for multiple brides, etc… I rather doubt that kol Israel will have scads of single uncovered ladies. That is a very western egalitarian (if not feminist) mindset that He will put down.

      As to radical changes… yes, it is a major paradigm shift entirely within keeping Torah. YHVH does have to lead and it’s a process, but we need to begin to learn, understand, embrace, and be willing if/when God calls us on that leg of the journey.

      May Yah bless, guide, and protect you.

      Shabbat Shalom!



  2. Shaul says:

    Wow Pete…so good…I’m convicted with tears also…Shaul

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