Book Review: Genesis Look Again, A Fresh Translation with Notes

Recently, as I have been assembling a weekly commentary on the Torah Portions that focuses n headship and patriarchy, a major theme, I have been utilizing and enjoying Rabbi Yirmeyah Ben Avrom’s recently published Genesis Look Again, A Fresh Translation with Notes.

I became acquainted with Rabbi Ben Avrom a couple years ago through online interaction and very early in our communication, found a faithful friend who has a passion for ancient languages and pursuit of truth. Through our interaction, I learned of his family, the fellowship he leads and about the sacrifices he has had to make to pursue with zeal the gifting he has for translation and explanation. Imagine my excitement when he told me that he was in the process of writing a fresh translation of the Torah, complete with notes and comments that shed light on parts of the text not often touched.

This year, as we approach each book of the Torah, he is releasing the respective translation on Kindle with automatic updates while he fine tunes this mammoth work with an eye toward publishing in hardcopy. Genesis is currently available and my regular readers have seen me quote or cite it every week. I love this translation and the attendant notes! Here are a couple images of the view in Kindle and the expected view in hardcopy.

Click to enlarge
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Beautifully translated and layed out, R. Ben Avrom has not only captures the Hebrew text linguistically, but the parallel columns lend aesthetic an touch that is very nice. His notes, broadly sourced, often bring new light and understanding as he draws out details that many others skip or gloss over.

The Kindle version has served as a nice searchable document that I have added highlights and study notes to as well as cross linking a few new pieces I have found.

Besides being an excellent addition to your resource library on its own merits, purchasing a copy helps to support R. Yirmehyah’s work in a South Pacific fellowship that has strong ties and outreach to multiple faith and ethnic groups. I highly recommend him in this regard.

(My secret hope is that he will begin to populate their new ministry website with teachings and information that can benefit us in other parts of the globe. Further, I’m twisting his arm to see if he will meet me in Jerusalem at Pesach… 😉 )

Add a copy of each of these Torah books to your e-library as they are published in turn this Torah Cycle and use it as a fresh reference along with other reading and study materials for your own weekly Parasha adventure. I know, I will be and you’ll continue to see me reference this valuable resource in my weekly Torah Commentary.

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