The Global Fertility Crash

Two or three evenings ago, my eldest son read some information to me regarding the growing global fertility crisis. He is working on his Masters level degree as a Nurse Practitioner and is immersed in all things health related, so his interest being peaked by a report on fertility rates crashing was no surprise.

We had an excellent discussion about the relationship between the fertility rate and the rate at which women embrace the God-ordained role of bearing children and caring for the home instead of pursuing education and careers. I further explained that reversing this and walking according to Scripture in the whole area of patriarchy, family structure and marriage is imperative for the restoration of kol Israel. (Did I mention this blog has a whole series on the subject?)

Recently, I’ve been keeping an eye on Biblical Gender Roles blog watching for a particular promised article on another subject. Tonight, when checking, he had this article up that captured and built on the conversation I had with my son. I just had to share!

Understand, the interrelated topics of patriarchy, gender roles, marriage, restoration of Israel, etc are not just Biblically ‘good ideas.’ These are a MUST for this generation to grapple with, absorb and walk out. We do not have any other option and we cannot leave it to the next generation. The train has already left the rails and civilization is in freefall. The people of Yah must take a hard turn toward obedience and full submission to Scripture and walk it out if there will even be a remnant left. Cowardice, worrying about what others will think and stiff necks are not an option. I cannot stress this enough… (…resisting the urge to bold and large font the whole paragraph!!)

I’ll get off the soapbox before I really get charged up!! Here is the article that you must read:

The Global Fertility Crash

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5 Responses to The Global Fertility Crash

  1. Robin Hardman says:

    But..but..this is a GOOD thing, right?? I mean with overpopulation, world hunger, etc. etc. shouldn’t this be our goal?

    I’ve seen similar charts dealing with the rising population of Islam and that enough is scary….

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  2. I learned so much from the scope and breadth of the original article and was very encouraged by Celine’s statement that her husband supports her with her career. I admire Lubna’s desire to wait to marry out of love and not obligation or expectation. Summer’s battle with discrimination has been the norm since the beginning of time and Absode testifies that good does come to those who wait. Maybe this crisis reflects how close we are the the end of days as the eshet chayil of Proverbs 31 excelled in many areas outside of bearing children and home caretaker. Woman shares the original God-given mission of Man to be fruitful and multiply, fill the earth and subdue it and rule over all living things as an equal heir in the kingdom of God.


  3. While I do agree with the basic premise of the need to return to healthy commandment compliant gender roles, I would like to make three points in particular:

    1. We should be careful to not confuse “fertility rates” (the ability to reproduce) and “birth rates” (the actual births). They are not necessarily mutually inclusive but can be related. For instance, if a couple (it does take two) is unable to reproduce (like Abram and Sarah, both participants of the desired role patterns and obedient to Yah’s commandments), that’s infertility and should be part of a “fertility” conversation. I do find it encouraging that Yah apparently stepped in and saw to it Abraham would have the promised seed in an otherwise infertile situation. I’m pretty sure, if He can raise up stones to worship Him, He can make good seed go forward.
    If a couple decides to control their reproduction (for whatever reason and probably mostly in opposition to Yah’s commandments) that’s a form of birth control and has nothing to do with “fertility”. Maybe the writer should distinguish the two. After all, there’s a difference between wheat and tares although both are many times confused until their “seed” is made apparent.

    2. There seems to be a lot of emphasis on the woman’s role in this article when clearly there needs to be a change in men for this to work. How many single mom’s who’ve been abandoned by their husbands and left to support the children by themselves have had to educate themselves and enter the workforce simply to support their children? I know of several and am inspired at their courage and tenacity to nurture their children in ways they should not have to. They are hero’s. Now, if greed and unnecessary debt are the reason to be in the workforce excessively, then maybe we all should step back and take a look at our situations and justifications for what we do, not just women. One only has to wonder how many men require their wives (who are being obedient to their head) to be in the workforce?

    3. The simple truth is the vast majority of the world cares very little what the Creator has to say. It’s been that way from the beginning of time and will be until He sets things right Himself.
    I’m not saying this as some sort of blasey comment from a cynic malcontent but rather from a perspective that we all have to stand individually before our Creator and give an account for our actions. The only way this can be solved is to see clearly (should the Spirit take the scales from our eyes), and as individuals live the example and choose Yah over mammon.


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  4. erinshelby says:

    Brother Travis- Your comment “The simple truth is the vast majority of the world cares very little what the Creator has to say.” – This hits the nail on the head in so many areas of life! Those who love the LORD fall far from the mark in all areas of life…. we all do wrong and we all need grace… but the truth is that our world is fallen, and we see evidence of that increasing all the time.

    Those who choose celibacy/chastity when unmarried are mocked… if your church speaks on this, kudos to your leaders… again, because the only real justification for that is because it’s God’s way to choose that harder, rougher path. Do what you want, the world says. In my view, human sexuality is one of the hardest areas for people to submit to God’s will because it is so private and so personal. Why shouldn’t a person rule their own life? Again, Christians know that if they really want God to be in charge, they will try to let God rule there too. Not be perfect, but at least try.

    In the Bible, we see Hannah who cried to the Lord because she wanted a child… I think we should not assume that those who don’t have children don’t want them. Let the Lord be the judge and be compassionate towards all. Some folks ache for kids and can’t have them. Let’s show love and not assume.

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