Is Jerusalem really THAT expensive??!! (Or, is there a better way?)

Someone special sent me the following two and a half minute video touting budget accommodations in Jerusalem. Take a watch, then let’s talk…

Certainly, I appreciate entrepreneurship and Jerusalem is a bit pricey if traditional hotels are on the menu, but $50/night for this?? I don’t care how ‘trendy’ this may look, it is not the best way to visit Jerusalem.

Minimally, as I shared recently, there are B&B options as well as cost sharing options for rentals that compete well with the above price while giving you much more space, breakfast and ambiance. Seriously, capsules are not the solution to millions coming up for the feasts!

If millions come up for the feasts as I believe we should be doing, it requires millions of hotel rooms, right? … Not so fast, my friend. 😉

I believe that as the nations awaken and begin coming to Jerusalem for the Feasts of the Lord, that Abba will use that as a vehicle to bless the traveler, bless individual families in Israel (especially Jerusalem) and build bridges of fellowship and community between Judah and those who return in obedience to the Torah. How will this happen? Easy-peasy!

Every family in the greater Jerusalem area will open a room or two in their homes to host families from outside the Land. Relationships will be built to the degree that those coming from outside Israel will return to the same family or community year after year building bonds of connection while giving a small gift ($50/night per person for lodging plus a meal or two?) for the opportunity to stay and fellowship around the tables, under the sukkahs and in the moshavs. This is a leap of trust and faith that will bring all Torah keepers together in unity and harmony. And, as I share in Ten Parts in the King, this will be a key step in the full restoration of kol Israel.

As an intermediate step, if you enjoy saving a few shekels and want to serve our brothers in Jerusalem, I recommend Sukkot this year with Ani Yosef! About $55/day per person will get you MUCH more than a capsule!! Enjoy wonderful fellowship, friends, lodging, two meals a day, etc… The price is unmatched for the benefits. It may not be the Hilton, but then, that would be about $200/day and no meals… 🙂

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