Updated!! – Come to Israel with us for Pesach 2018!!

***Only 3 spots left!!  Contact us if you would like more information or want to join us for Pesach in Jerusalem!!  (Why say, ‘Next year in Jerusalem,’ when you can BE there?)

Al McCarn and I, along with our wives and a couple of our teen age boys, are going to be in Israel for the Third B’ney Yosef Congress in Ariel, followed by about 12 days just outside Jerusalem.  The house that we are renting can sleep up to 14, so there is room for about 6 to 8 others who may want to join us!!  If you think you might want to, keep reading!!

Sukkot, last year, was an amazing stay in a little village just minutes west of Jerusalem in the hills where Saul roamed.  We rented a house on the top of a hill with expansive views and quiet streets to walk.  We had a couple rental cars and jetted all over the country to see the places tour buses don’t go and to find the roots of the house of Israel. We also had a number of very special Divine appointments with Orthodox Jews who are understanding a bit about the Torah awakening.  This coming Pesach will be no different!  We expect to be able to visit in some Orthodox homes and interact with our brothers of Judah as well as worship in a local Orthodox synagogue.  (The same synagogue we walked Torah scrolls in for Sukkot 18 months ago!)

Already, we have a couple meetings arranged as well as several important tours on our agenda.  We invite you to prayerfully consider coming along.

Dates we have the house are from March 27 to April 8.  We will celebrate Pesach and may have other joining us in the large great room that can seat 25+.  Those who wish to attend the Congress before hand, dates are 23-27 March. We can provide contact info for the organizers.

So, if you are interested in hanging with us for a couple weeks, celebrating Pesach in the Land, seeing what kind of cool adventures we can scare up and just generally breathing deeply the air of Israel in a Jewish community just outside of Jerusalem, drop me an email and I will give rough prices and further details!!

Shalom, shalom!!

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Details in 'About' page @ natsab.wordpress.com Basically, husband of one, father of four. Pastor x 11 years, former business and military background. Micro-farmer. Messianic believer in Yeshua haMashiach!
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4 Responses to Updated!! – Come to Israel with us for Pesach 2018!!

  1. Amanda says:

    Will you also be joining the get together that Ephraim & Rimona Frank will be sponsoring in Independence Park in Jerusalem on April 7th? We will be “walking the Land”, backpacking the Shvil Israel from Tel Dan to Caesarea from March 12-April 5, with a break for Passover in Jerusalem from March 29-April 2. We will be with Kimberly Rogers-Brown’s Ephraimite group for the Passover Seder at the YMCA in Jerusalem also. We pray that Abba Yahweh will give us many divine appointments with Ephraim AND Judah in His Land that He has promised us, the Whole House of Israel! HalleluYah!


  2. mike- new email address says:

    I’ll be there from March 17 to March 29. would love to meet you. if at all possible


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