But, is this good for Israel??

The new American President, Donald Trump, donald-trump-speeh-inaugurationhas been inaugurated.  Attitudes at my job  ranged from very negative doldrums to positive exuberance.  In my head, I kept asking, ‘but, is this good for Israel?’

As a US Army veteran who undertook this Hebrew roots transformation, my understanding of myself and Israel have been radically transformed such that my view of this election and the last couple years of American policy have changed considerably.  My guiding thought, regarding American politics, has been, ‘but, is this good for Israel?’

Some years ago, even before I began asking the really hard questions of Scripture, I found myself coming to a place where I could no longer pledge allegiance to the United States of America.  Not that I do not love this country, but I could no longer write a blank check of allegiance to a nation that was, and continues to be, so involved in immoral activities and actions, both here and abroad.

More recently, as I further understand who Israel is and who I am in relation to her, I find that my heart and desire is only for a tiny strip of land in the middle east and the people who love and care for it.  And so, relating to many/most parts of my life, I ask, ‘but, is this good for Israel?’

No doubt, I am optimistic as I see Trump’s choices for Cabinet members.  He has arguably surrounded himself with the most pro-Israel team in American political history.  As this team was being assembled in the last month against the backdrop of Obama’s final lame-duck jabs at Israel, both directly and through the UN, I witnessed a calendar that was interminably slow in its march toward January 20, 2017.  Still, I am only cautiously optimistic.

Scripture promises that all nations will gather against Israel.  That includes the United States.  Therefore, if we have a ray of light, a glimmer of hope in America, it is only for a season, but for how long?  Many voices, both in Jewish and in Christian circles, have trumpeted that our new president is a type of Cyrus.  As such he may help rebuild the Third Temple, he may help restore the exiles to Israel, he may….  Who knows.  Cyrus was very much a friend to Israel, but only for a season.

Many will let their guard down and relax thinking that all is now well, but such is not the case.  This narrow window of opportunity means we need to lean forward in the saddle and be vigilant as we seek what steps the Father would have each of us take for the benefit of His people and His Kingdom.

Rabbi Jeremy Gimpel, on the eve of the Inauguration, gave a short, but rousing, talk that shares perspective for these days and how we should be thinking if we are the people of God.  I highly recommend it.

In the near-term, things look positive to America and her standing with Israel, but we have not changed in our export of vices and blood sacrifice (abortion).  Judgment will come.  For now, we have a window of opportunity.  Let us be about the building of the Kingdom.

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Details in 'About' page @ natsab.wordpress.com Basically, husband of one, father of four. Pastor x 11 years, former business and military background. Micro-farmer. Messianic believer in Yeshua haMashiach!
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6 Responses to But, is this good for Israel??

  1. 2010mikaela says:

    as you feel for your country so do I for the country I was born in. I am er precautious to say the least. I do not trust men ..in all and everything it’s Yah I do. Certainly we are to pray for those in authority and though we cannot do much we can pray and do repentance where necessary in our own lives and stand in the gap for other as well as as a whole. A national repentance is still the alef tav and everything else doesn’t count now and in the end,if we go in Yah’s ways or not.~shabbat shalom brother!


  2. Dorothe says:

    I just had the thought, all are so realeaved that the nightmares of Obama and his arrows toward Israel have come to an end… and that Trump has such good attitude toward Israel, that it could well be a false hope in a kind of “redeemer”.. that we loose sight of the real redeemer Yeshua and put our trust in false hopes.. it could well be “peace, peace,…” and third temple and all… but it is a false hope. Let’S pray for a humble heart in ourselves as well in the president’s, as we should pray for those in leadership.

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  3. Phil says:

    Shalom Pete. That was a thought provoking message given by Rabbi Jeremy Gimpel posted above. Exciting to hear their anticipation of the arrival of haMashiyach. Jubilee year since reunification – the date the land was undivided, 1967, in our lifetime mind you. (overshadowed by the Vietnam war at the time to my 6 year old mind) The Rabbis’ message (blessing) to Trump: Be strong and courageous. His points on Truth are very well spoken to help one form a logical argument against the lies we hear day in and day out from the culture. He referenced Cyrus and Tyre and the King of Tyre’s participation in the building of Solomon’s Temple.
    There is revival going on in Israel reported regularly by another Rabbi, Messanic Rabbi Zev Porat. He is actively reaching even the orthodox with the message of Yeshua haMashiyach using the witness of the late Rabbi Kaduri who left an encrypted note that he met Mashiyach and his name is Yeshua! Quite a stir. Someone made the point: ‘it was never a question of If YAHWEH saves but How YAH saves.’
    I had the privilege (compliments of U.S. Army) as a young Soldier to spend 6 months in Sinai and a couple of weeks leave in Israel years ago. Several of the places Rabbi Gimpel mentioned as ‘not-Israel’ under the lies put forth recently by the UN and 70 Nations are in fact Absolutely Israel and we are heading for a showdown at the Wall so to speak. By peaceful means or by force or by both appears to be where we stand today. Shabbat Shalom.


  4. Ro Pinto says:

    The election happened while I was in Israel. In prayer over the whole thing, I heard the Lord say if Trump won, we were being given time to do what He’s called us to do. Now it’s up to us to get our butts in gear and go out and do the work He’s called us to do – to go and make disciples. Not converts, disciples.

    Darren Huckey’s book, The Four Responsibilities of a Disciple is a great place to start. I think we’ve spent too much time worrying about converting people instead of disciplining them.

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  5. Sue in Aqaba says:

    We share like convictions on every topic in this article. Thanks for articulating them so well!

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