There shall be signs in the heavens….

12 A great sign appeared in heaven: a woman clothed with the sun, and the moon under her feet, and on her head a crown of twelve stars; and she was with child; and she *cried out, being in labor and in pain to give birth.

Revelation 12 relates a sign that will appear in the heavens.  Significantly, it is a sign that is associated with the Geulah, Redemption! It is a sign that has only happened once in the history of the world, September 11, 3 BC and it will happen only again once in the foreseeable future/next couple thousand years. The picture below is from free astronomy software, Stellarium, seen from Jerusalem at sunset on September 23, 2017.  Interestingly, this is on Yom Teruah, the Day of Trumpets.  Take a look at the picture below and tell me what you see….


The nine stars of Leo are joined by three planets to form a 12 star crown over the sun clothed Betulah, or Virgo.  In her womb is Jupiter, or Tzedek, and at her feet is the moon, just a the visible crescent.  (Incidentally, Tzedek is now in the womb of Betulah.  I need to go back and see how recently this happened…  was it during Hanukkah??)

Folks, this is VERY, VERY significant and interesting!!  Those watching for the Mashiach will be paying attention.  All of the hoopla of recent days and months is not insignificant.  It is the build up to the events about to unfold.

For your own observation, download Stellarium at the above link.  I would also recommend a cool phone app called Google Sky for keeping an eye on the heavens.  For more information on this particular constellation formation and the one mentioned in Rev. 12:3-4, I recommend reading Dr. Dale Sides’ post here.  And, a good in depth look at the Mazzaroth in Scriptural as well as in depth Judaic sources, I recommend this excellent detailed article.

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  1. Chantel says:

    Podcast by Mike Heiser mentioning the date September 11 3 BC


  2. Interesting comments by Rashi (building the premise for his assumptions):

    “Rashi says the following about ‘signs’:
    2 [If there will arise among you a prophet…] and he gives you a sign Hebrew אוֹת , [meaning a sign] in the heavens, as it is stated in the case of Gideon [who said to the angel]: “then show me a sign (אוֹת) “ (Shoftim [Judges] 6:17), and then it says [further], “let it be dry only upon the fleece [and upon all the ground let there be dew]” (Shoftim [Judges]  6:39).
    Thus we learn that anytime we see an ot, a sign, we are looking at a reference to the celestial object.
    In the Sanctum of the Holy Temple there were two major holy vessels, the menorah and the shulchan [Table] upon which the lechem hapanim were arranged. The menorah consisted of seven candles, corresponding to the seven “moving stars” [from our earthly perspective]– the sun, the moon, and the five planets closest to the earth. Arranged upon the Table were twelve loaves of showbread, corresponding to the twelve constellations used as astrological signs of the Zodiac. These loaves are arranged in two tiers of six because of the twelve signs, six are always ascending and six are in decline. Thus, the menorah stood for the heavenly lights and the table for the astrological signs.[1]”

    So Gideon’s sign was a “celestial” one? Doesn’t the text cited state it’s about dew on a fleece? No indication whatsoever of a celestial (natural) sign but rather asking for something unnatural. If, according to Rashi, the menorah is a representation of of celestial bodies how does that play into the third commandment?

    Is it just possible that the menorah represents what’s seen in Rev. 4?

    Rev 4:5 And out of the throne come forth lightnings and thunders and voices. And seven lamps of fire are burning before the throne, which are the seven Spirits of Elohim;

    In this piece, Rambam goes even further with his understanding of nine spheres (I see your seven and raise you two) all appearing as one:


    The heavens are made up of spheres. There are nine spheres. The closest to us is that of the moon. Above it, the second sphere contains the planet Kochav (Mercury). Above this, the third sphere contains the planet Nogah (Venus). The fourth sphere contains the Sun. The fifth contains the planet Ma’dim (Mars). The sixth sphere contains the planet Tzedek (Jupiter). The seventh contains the planet Shabbtai (Saturn). The eighth sphere contains all the stars we see in the sky. The ninth sphere revolves from east to west every day. It surrounds and encompasses everything. The planets and stars all appear to be in a single sphere even though one is higher than another. This is because the spheres themselves are pure and refined like glass or sapphire…. This is why the stars in the eighth sphere may appear lower than the first sphere.

    Each of the eight main spheres containing the planets and stars is itself divided into many individual spheres, one above the other like the layers of an onion. Some of these spheres revolve from west to the east, others from east to west… There is no empty space between any of them.”

    Sounds like Rambam has a Hanakiah instead of a Menorah

    I do find it interesting what Yeshua had to say concerning the need for celestial signs:

    Mat 16:1 And having come the Pharisees and Sadducees tempting, asked Him to show them a sign out of the heaven.
    Mat 16:2 But answering, He said to them, Evening coming on, you say, Clear sky, for the sky is red.
    Mat 16:3 And in the morning you say, “Today it is winter for the sky is a gloomy red.” Hypocrites! You know how to observe the appearance of the sky. The signs of this time you do not know how to discern.
    Mat 16:4 An evil and adulterous generation seeks a sign, and a sign will not be given to it, except the sign of Jonah the prophet. And leaving them, He went away.

    Paul too speaks of this blindness:

    2Co 3:13 And not as “Moses, who put a veil over his face,” for the sons of Israel not to look at the fullness of the glory of the thing not lasting. (Ex. 34:35)
    2Co 3:14 But their minds were blinded; for to this day, when the Old Contract is read, the same veil remains, and it is not known to them that the veil has been removed through Messiah.
    2Co 3:15 But even to this day, whenever the books of Moses are read, the veil lies upon their hearts.
    2Co 3:16 Nevertheless, whenever a man turns to YAHWEH, the veil is taken away.

    Is it not interesting to note it was the Magi who read the stars and knew of Messiah’s birth (seeing the star rising in the east foretold by Balaam). It’s strange to note, in this case it was outsiders taught by a righteous man/prophet who was “taken captive and cast out of the land of the living”, not the blind religious leaders of the day who mostly missed it. Hmm….. One thing’s for sure, if these signs do not produce the events attributed to them we know what’s supposed to happen concerning the credibility of those who have proclaimed such that causes the faith of some to waiver. Better to be the Magi and wait to see the event happen and, while prepared, go find out if, in fact, it was what was foretold.

    There’s no doubt we’re getting closer to Messiah’s return. This has been the case since the day He left. I’d just be careful of putting too much stock in the interpretation of those who use Talmud and Kabbalah as the lens through which they see the scriptures. Those very glasses cause blindness to the truth. One has to ask the question, does Messiah come before or after the “impostor”?

    2Th 2:1 And, brothers, we entreat you, by the coming of our Master Yahshua Messiah, and of our gathering together to Him,
    2Th 2:2 that you not let your mind be hastily excited or troubled, neither by word, nor by spirit, nor by prophecy of the spirit, nor by an epistle, supposedly coming from us, stating that the day of our Master is at hand.
    2Th 2:3 Do not let anyone deceive you in any way, because that Day will not come unless first there comes a great rebellion, and the man of sin is revealed, the son of perdition,
    2Th 2:4 the one opposing and exalting himself over everything being called Elohim, or object of reverence, so as for him “To sit in the sanctuary of Elohim” as an El, and sets himself forth, as if he is a Elohim. (Dan. 11:36; Eze. 28:2)
    2Th 2:5 Do you not remember that I told you these things, when I was with you?
    2Th 2:6 And now you know what has prevented him, for being revealed in his time.
    2Th 2:7 For the mystery of lawlessness is already working, until He who is now the obstacle, is taken out of the way.
    2Th 2:8 And then “the Lawless One” will be exposed, “whom our Master Yahshua will consume by the spirit of His mouth,” and will destroy by the brightness of His presence. (Isa. 11:4)



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