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I apologize for not having more time to write, there is much rattling around in my head, but time is a critical issue.  Between a full-time job, increasing duties with BYNA, farm life and helping with a home fellowship, there are rarely enough hours in the day.   I do want to make a quick post with a five recommendations since the Revive Conference based on several personal interactions.  Read on for Chaim Goldman, Dr. Christy Anderson, MCC, Sabra Styles and Isabel’s Incredible Inspirations.

Shabbat afternoon, I met Chaim Goldman briefly and later his dear wife, Dr. Kim Goldman, and several of their children.  It was not until Sunday morning at the B’ney Yosef breakout session where I had a chance to really get intoRepairing the Breach conversation and find out a little about this couple and their ministry of reconciliation.  Then, Sunday evening, 11p to 1a, Chaim, David Smith and I had an even longer conversation that was a big blessing to me.

Chaim’s background as a Messianic Jew began in the MJAA about 20 years ago, however when he began to see and understand ‘two house’ or ‘two stick’ theology, he found himself pushed out of leadership and on a spiritual journey that included finding a bride, nine years in Israel and ministry with several “big name” teachers.  He and his wife are now fulfilling a dream as they travel, with their children, across North America Repairing the Breach.  Their ministry includes Kingdom business, ancient paths, Biblical health and restoration/reconciliation.  A particular focus is helping people identify and walk in their specific calling.  (We each have specific giftings and a specific calling which we are to be about in order to fulfill our Father’s business….  Walking in our specific calling has much bearing on marital health, a subject I hope Chaim will write a guest article about.)

Their current tour is partly planned and open to opportunities as our Father unlocks doors and leads.  I strongly recommend you take the time to watch this short video and see how you might be called to link up with the Goldmans by hosting them, sponsoring a city, promoting, etc.  Further, be in prayer for them on this tour as they have some very important meetings coming up!  We hope to host them on our little farm at some point and look forward to how we can work together restoring the streets on which to dwell.

Dr. Christy Anderson was another special contact from Revive.  While Kelly and I only briefly spoke with her and purchased a book from her table, I found we have much in common once I visited her blog upon our Dr Christy Andersonreturn home.  Like me, former military officer and seminary degreed, she has gone on to get her Doctorate and has a passion for apologetics.  Of particular note on her blog is interaction with John Calvin and his vaunted Institutes of the Christian Religion.  That series alone is a significant interaction for any who are in or coming out of the Presbyterian church.  While I have not yet had time to dig deeply into her writing, what I have seen I really like.  I look forward to finding the time to get into her vimeo channel as well…

My purpose for attending Revive 2016 was to represent B’ney Yosef North America (BYNA).  Along with several others from the leadership of BYNA, we met many and helped network and connect attendees as well as casting the vision for a unified people who, though not necessarily uniform, can walk together and speak with one voice as the stick of Ephriam begins to come together in the world.  Our presence and purpose could not have happened without John McQuary and Messianic Covenant Community (MCC).

MCC graciously shared their table with MCCBYNA and over the course of the weekend we really had a terrific time interacting with John, the representative for MCC.  There is a need for fellowships, congregations and homegroups to link arms, network and walk together.  While this is one part of BYNA’s vision, MCC is a ministry making this happen.  Their support network as well as passion for finding, listing and connecting Messianic believers is certainly a significant role in the reconstitution of the House of Israel.

Based out of Houston, Texas, and a ministry arm of Hebraic Roots Network, I strongly encourage every single reader to connect with MCC and get listed on their Directory.  Membership is not required, but encouraged.  We need to be coming together and building bridges, reconciling where there is division and learning to be one (echad) people.

Two vendors really caught my eye.  The first, Sabra Style, is one I was familiar with but had not been in contact with for some time.  Not only was it special to catch up with Sabra Joines, a long-time and committed friend of Israel, my wife, Kelly, had a blast just helping at Sabra’s table and keeping her company.

Sabra StyleSabra’s love for Israel is exhibited in her vibrant promotion of Israeli businesses and products through her website and other channels.  She has a real gift for decor and style resulting in a rich and passionate display designed to help Israel and Israeli companies by promoting and selling their products.  She further is passionate about the restoration of the whole house and is therefore a great ambassador for each of us as she travels.  We, as lovers of Israel, should support Sabra in her quest by purchasing her products and promoting her business.

The last recommendation I have was a neat little family business that was positioned next to the MCC/BYNA table.  Once the Marketplace at Revive had slowed down I had a chance to connect with the Perdomo family and their Isabels creationcharming children.  Like us, this homeschooling family is very busy with a small goat dairy, so we had immediate conversation on several topics.  What caught our eye in their booth, Isabel’s Incredible Inspirations, was the Lego tzitzits.  While many ladies enjoy the beautiful beaded tzitziot that 14 year old Isabel creates, it was the Lego tzitzits she makes for children that I loved!!  Want your little guy wearing tzitzits all the time, even to bed?  I recommend the glow in the dark ones…

Other products she and the family make include linen tallit katans and various farm and dairy products.  See both Isabel’s etsy site as well as the family website and blog.

Do take the time to check out each of these gleanings from the Revive Marketplace and connect with Chaim Goldman about their tour through this Summer and into the Fall.

Blessings in Yeshua!

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