Jerusalem, 17s, 67s and the Yovel….

The last few days has seen a number of interesting conversations converge leaving me with a number of thoughts and interesting musings.  I’d like to share and see what feedback is out there…

I have gone on record before saying that in my opinion 2017 is a significant year. I have sensed that for more than 35 years and not because I was born in 1967.  My birth year is tied to the recapture of Jerusalem and I have long been acutely aware of the history of events on the 17s and 67s, some of which Rabbi Judah ben Samuel allegedly prophesied.  He believed the Messiah would come in 2017.

A poor pic snapped during the waning stages of our Seudat Moshiach under the Retreat Dean and Chuck recently helped me complete.  Here we have Tommy and Dorothy at the far end of the table, Reynna and Tzefanyah to their left and Chris across from his youngest son, Nathaniel in the hands of off-camera wife, Mary.  My two eldest sons are visible on the far left.  Gunnar (i) and Jeremiah.

A poor pic snapped during the waning stages of our Seudat Moshiach under the Retreat Dean and Chuck recently helped me complete. Here we have Tommy and Dorothy at the far end of the table, Reynna and Tzefanyah to their left and Chris across from his youngest son, Nathaniel in the hands of off-camera wife, Mary. My two eldest sons are visible on the far left. Gunnar (l) and Jeremiah.

I do not remember which, but either during our Seudat Moshiach or our Shabbat Oneg, we were discussing the many events of recent prophecy and the return of the Moshiach and the restoration of Jerusalem and the Tent of David as the center of the world.  During our discussion I shared my thoughts on 2017 and Jerusalem.

Last night I read and re-posted an interesting letter from brother James Block about the significance of Jerusalem in Scripture and what we need to be doing to speed the Messiah!  In it he makes a solid case from Scripture about the incredible importance of Zion to God and His Messiah.

Then, today, I receive an email about the ‘return of 10-Israel’ and a link to an exceptional compilation of commemorations that occur next year that are all seemingly Jubilee related.  Just fascinating!  Here is that content with a few of my comments inserted.

Coming soon: A plethora of prophetic events

The year 2017 will see commemorations of a cluster of anniversaries tied in one way or the other to the restoration of the land of Israel to the Jewish people in preparation for the coming of the Lord:

These will include:

The 500th anniversary of the start of the Reformation (October 31, 1517) that made the Bible accessible to ordinary Christians so they could read for themselves all about God’s promises foretelling His determined purpose to one day restore the Jewish people to their land. The Reformation began just one year after the Ottoman Turks conquered and brought the Land of Israel into their empire.

I had never considered that the Reformation might have been a serious step for 10-Israel in fulfilling its purpose to carry the message of the Messiah to the ends of the earth, yet here, glaringly is the 17!  1517!  Is it possible (actually, quite probable) that this was a major step of God, even in our lawless estate to begin the gathering of 10-Israel, even if well before we were awakened to the Torah!  ‘Oh the depth of the riches….’

The 100th anniversary of the Battle of Beersheba (October 31, 1917) that led to the liberation of the land of Israel from the Turks after a continuous 626 years of Islamic rule.

The 100th anniversary of the drafting of the Balfour Declaration (October 31, 1917) supporting the resurrection of the Jewish national home in the Land of Israel. British Foreign Secretary Arthur Balfour’s letter containing the text of the declaration was delivered to Lord Rothschild on November 2.

Ironically, this is the third time in the list that Oct. 31, XX17 has shown up….  That is also interesting if these events are all related, as I believe they are…

The 70th anniversary of the United Nations General Assembly Partition Resolution (November 29, 1947) that paved the way for the creation of the State of Israel.

The 50th anniversary – Jubilee – of the start of the Six Day War (June 5, 1967) which saw the Jews thwart the Islamic effort to re-conquer the liberated land and drive the Arab occupiers out of the biblical heartland of Samaria and Judea and off the Golan Heights.

The 50th anniversary – Jubilee – of the liberation and reunification of Jerusalem (June 7, 1967) marking the first time in over 2000 years that Jews were sovereign in their own capital.

Also in 2017 the battle for the future of this land looks set to heat up:

In the words last week of US Vice President Joe Biden, there is increasing dissatisfaction with Israel and a growing determination on the part of the international community to impose upon Israel the creation of an Islamic ‘State of Palestine’ on the biblical lands restored to the Jews in 1967.

“[N]ot withstanding our sometimes overwhelming frustration with the Israeli government – we have an obligation to push them as hard as we can toward what they know in their gut is the only solution – a two-state solution,” Biden said, seemingly insensible to the arrogant and demeaning tenor of his words.

“The present course Israel’s on is not one that’s likely to secure its existence as a Jewish, democratic state, and we have to make sure that happens,” he continued.

The Europeans are on the same page, according to a statement released April 21 by French Foreign Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault  announcing plans to host a meeting of ministers from 20 countries to try and relaunch the Israel-Palestinian “peace process.”

The aim of the meeting – set for May 30 – is to prepare an international summit in the second half of 2016, which would include Israeli and Palestinian Arab leaders.

Israel is not to be invited to the May 30 meeting, notwithstanding the fact that it is the Jews’ ancestral homeland that is on the chopping block.*

Positively, plans are underway to convene in The Hague, in June 2017, a congress of experts in international law who will make the legal case for Israel’s right to extend sovereignty over those same biblical lands. Laws passed by the League of Nations and secured as unalterable in the Founding Charter of the United Nations grant this right – which the international community has chosen to disregard.

Ed Note: In a couple of days I will be taking a ‘word from Zion’ to Bible believers on both the east and west coasts of the United States. Then, in the summer (though it will be winter there), with my thoughts on the 2017 Beersheba Battle Centenary that is looming and will not come by again, I am scheduled to make my third speaking trip to Australia and New Zealand, where I will be speaking to both Christian and Jewish audiences. On my return from America I will take a closer look at this upcoming succession of extraordinary events.  Watch this space.


* The French have a history of leaving concerned parties outside the room while planning to steal their lands – consider how Czechoslovakia was treated by France and England when those countries’ leaders met with Germany’s Hitler to decide the fate of the Czech’s Sudetenland.

So…  here are a few random thoughts to process…

  • We’ve just had four blood moons that historically seem to point to major events for Israel and the Jews. Have we yet seen what they may have announced?
  • The Reformation starting in 1517 is still a bit of a twister!  I’ll have to process that some more.
  • IF, big IF, 2017 is significant for the coming of the Moshiach, IF it is the Yovel (Jubilee), then things will kick into HIGH gear at any minute!  The Yovel would begin in mid-October, 2016.
  • Steve Moutria’s paper detailing his recent ponderings concerning the Great Tribulation being shortened to a year (See Isaiah 61:2; 63:4) becomes increasingly fascinating thought.
  • Many, many people, both in the Messianic world and among the Jews are working toward bringing all Israel back together.  I am increasingly amazed at how our Father works in quietly laying foundations and changing hearts, yet not revealing these things until He is ready.
  • I fully expect a massive growth in the Messianic in the very near future.  What wasn’t cool in the 90’s and early 2000’s became an interesting blip on the radar in the last 7-8 years but is now beginning to make serious in-roads to and through very heavy hitters and many, many pastors.  While it will still only encompass a remnant, I fully expect that remnant to be 2-300 million strong from every tribe, tongue and nation.  This is a giant preparing to roar as the house of Israel wakes from a 2700 year slumber!
  • Most all prophetic pieces are on stage and the lights are ready.  A nod to the curtain master and we will be underway for the very final act in the transition to the Messianic Kingdom.
  • Are we ready?  Are we mature enough to lead in compassion and grace as we let the Ruach change people while we simply love them and accept them into our midst?  Most Messianics are fat and sassy on the Word.  Are we now prepared to walk in humility as we help to clean up the bride?  [An important point from our lesson this Shabbat, to make the two leavened loaves for Shavuot, God needs lots of grain that then is threshed, winnowed, crushed, sifted and tested together before being useful.  We need to focus on learning to get along, because none of us get there alone or early.  Being a separatist is not good news at all!!]
  • How many of us are making sacrifices to get to Jerusalem for a feast?  Or, a feast a year?  Or, all of the pilgrim feasts?  We need to be making this a priority!  Abba provides.

Exciting days!!  Seek the Father for what your part is in it right now!!


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Details in 'About' page @ Basically, husband of one, father of four. Pastor x 11 years, former business and military background. Micro-farmer. Messianic believer in Yeshua haMashiach!
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6 Responses to Jerusalem, 17s, 67s and the Yovel….

  1. imp777 says:

    Write on brother.. And I am being blessed financially in an interesting manner. May be I will make Sukkot in Jerusalem after all👣

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Anne Elliott says:

    Goosebumps! That’s all I can say.

    Oh, no, one more think. (Wink…) In our Torah-based history curriculum, we teach this exact thing about the Reformation, especially the Guttenberg Press. So cool… Just as YHVH used wicked kings such as Nebuchadnezzar and Cyrus, no event in history is outside His plan.

    Thanks for writing this! Next year in Jerusalem!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Pete Rambo says:

      To be clear, the Reformation doesn’t exactly equate to wicked Kings, though we were walking in rebellion towards His ways. It was an eye opener to see Him setting the stage and working through those events to bring us here to Reformation 2.0.

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  3. Sue in Aqaba says:

    INTERESTING stuff, Pete!! Lots to study and meditate on here! Thanks!

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  4. Barry says:

    Thanks for this article. Would you mind posting it at my Google Plus community “7 and 50 year historical and economic rhymes” for farther comment.
    I obviously don’t agree completely with the article but I am convinced the Jubilee cycle is 50 years, not 49 and that the exact cycle is still unsettled,
    I would see the ’17-’18s and the ’67-’68s as the second and third years of the sixth, 7 year cycle. in other words mid morning of the sixth set of 7 years. In the pattern of sevens it is the time for gathering DOUBLE manna.
    Thank you,


  5. james walker says:

    pete, 2017 has been implanted in my mind, or it’s a “sense,” I’ve had for a very long time, Maybe… And imp777, I know what you mean about “blessing.”


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