Watch “R’ Jeremy Gimpel talks the future of Christianity & 10 Commandments: Light of the Southwest 2016-015” on YouTube

Wowsers!!  What an excellent clip!!  Jeremy sees and understands what is happening while ivory tower theologians have no clue. 

Christianity as we know it is being radically altered and for the better as it returns to the ancient paths.  Sound the trumpet!

(Aside: Is Don Cohen this guy’s twin, or what??  Hey, Don!)

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Details in 'About' page @ Basically, husband of one, father of four. Pastor x 11 years, former business and military background. Micro-farmer. Messianic believer in Yeshua haMashiach!
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3 Responses to Watch “R’ Jeremy Gimpel talks the future of Christianity & 10 Commandments: Light of the Southwest 2016-015” on YouTube

  1. Jason Wheatley says:

    I agree that things are changing in Christianity , but not for the better. People are realizing that tradition and society dictate doctrine, which trumps scripture. People spend their lives church hopping never really finding truth or leave all together. The Messianic or Hebrew Roots is a product of those leaving Christianity and Judaism coming to Yeshua.
    I think it is good that Messianic’s/Hebrew Roots are finding their own identity. It is a mistake and not accurate to label ourselves as Christians. Coming into brotherhood with Judah and embracing those leaving the church is our future.
    The church is a business and it is not good business to bankrupt yourself. I agree it is good a lot are supporting Israel and studying the Hebrew Roots, but talk is cheap. The universal church knows if they acknowledge and observe Shabbat, that this will be the end of Sunday worship as we know it.


    • Pete Rambo says:

      Gimpel can not say what you said the way you said it, but he might agree.

      Personally, I generally do not self identify as Christian precisely because I disagree with many things that are tradition and extra-biblical, but I also try not to alienate Christendom because that doesn’t help me to rescue the perishing… A fine line, I know, but we need to walk it in compassion. We were once there. 😉


      • Jason Wheatleu says:

        I definitely agree about the compassion part. I believe that is even more reason to show that there is another way. I know a lot of us felt alone when we first come to Torah, only to realize there were many more scattered about. I feel that the compassion only extends as far as those who are innocent and being held in darkness. Those whose business is to keep the sheep in darkness need to be exposed so the truth(light) can be seen by those who are in the darkness. I know you are doing that and have for sometime. I just think that we as Messianic’s/Hebrew Roots need to be transparent and say this is what we are and we are glad of it(of coarse in a humble manner).
        I think most say they are Chrisian just to be inclusive or it makes them feel like less of an outcast. I think we will get more respect if we just stick to who we are instead of vying for acceptance from others.
        I think you guys made an excellant point at the last gathering in Blackville about Hebrew Roots. Live it and people will see the difference.

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